Christmas in August! (aka any great ideas for wash stall update?)

So I’m already thinking ahead to winter time as I look around and see areas of the barn that could do with a refresh :snowflake: I know our BM doesn’t have time/energy to do it herself between maintaining the barn and riding her own horses (although I know she’s a Pinterest addict when it comes to beautiful barn spaces), so I’ve decided to tackle the wash stall for her for Christmas.

Mostly cleaning-up and replacing the old and broken hose reel, etc. but thought I’d check in here first and see if there are any other clever ideas to elevate that area of the barn without breaking the bank? My plan is to start cruising Marketplace and gather things gradually over the coming months.

Currently the wash stall is matted, with a gate along the back wall where rainsheets and blankets get folded and stored. There are acrylic wall panels floor to ceiling (that once would have been white!) with a hose reel and simple wire two-tier shelf (that doesn’t offer nearly enough storage and all the bottles and sponges get all nasty) both mounted to the wall near the crossties (and where the aisle intersects).

Any suggestions (or links to products/photos)?

Look into a hose boom - hangs the hose overhead instead of on the ground.
I’ll look for an example & post here…
Like this:

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We had milk crates for bottle storage, worked great as it corralled all the knickknacks but also allowed the bottles to drain and dry.

I bet the acrylic can be restored to beautiful white with a bit of a gentle power wash.

This is such a lovely idea for a present, you may want to reach out to her and ask if she has plans for what to do. As you suspect, time might be the issue but involving her in the conversation could help get this to a great spot.

I second the hose boom suggestion. Another idea is a multi level plastic shelving unit either along the back wall (if there’s room) or in the corner (there are corner units). Helps with keeping buckets, sponges, shampoo/conditioner bottles organized and fairly dry.

So diplomatically put, I wish I had your way with words! You’re probably right, I hadn’t planned on making too many changes (and none that couldn’t be “undone”) but perhaps I should wait until closer to Christmas and then find out if she’d be open to a wash stall upgrade. (Having such a conversation in August seems … not right :sweat_smile: )

I know she struggles with organizing all the barn tools, wheelbarrow, etc. so in addition to cleaning-up that area and replacing the worn-out hose reel, I’d hoped to mount something on the wall to keep all the muck forks and brooms etc. out of the aisle. Hose boom was one of my first thoughts too, so I’ll have to look at whether the hose could still function to fill water buckets etc.

My inspiration thus far (the stall on the right; photo from

And the start of my wash-stall-upgrade-hoarding-pile (a $40 Marketplace find):