Churchill Downs Cancels Wednesday's 8 Race Card Due to Heat

I’m afraid this will be happening more and more this year, and at many tracks.

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I am glad they are taking the necessary precautions for the horses, jockeys, race staff, owners, trainers etc… This is a great way to advocate for the horse’s wellbeing in general. Heat stress and stroke is a HUGE risk when it gets this hot.

Hopefully it doesn’t effect owners/trainers schedules too much, but I think this is extremely appropriate. :slight_smile:


CD has cancelled tomorrow night’s card too.

Horseshoe Indianapolis cancelled yesterday and today (so far,)

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Cancelling the card due to heat is appropriate and it’s nothing new, it’s been done in the past.

The point being, that climate change is poised to have a very detrimental affect on racing.


I’m confused as to why you assumed I thought this was a new thing. Nothing in my comment says or implies that. What made you take offense and respond in such a negative way?

To reiterate, I expressed my gratitude for the industry advocating for the horse, staff, jockeys etc. and expressed the opinion that I thought it was appropriate for the circumstances. I even expressed my concern for owners/trainers schedules as this could have an affect on income for them. None of that seems offensive, nor did it warrant a comment like yours. :frowning:

I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to be negative towards you. I’m rather concerned and negative about climate change.

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