Cincinnati/Dayton - 12.3h Chestnut Pony: Cheeto/Chester

Hi all. I am looking for a pony I used to ride in the Cincinnati area. Link to a photo is below. I believe he was born around 1998/1999. He was a chestnut with a slightly lopsided blaze, with no markings on his legs. He was either 12.3 or 13.2 hands. He went by Chester from the time I knew him, which was the early 2000s. At some point, he started going by Chester Cheeto and then just Cheeto. Show names were Cheer for Cheeto and Flaming Hot Cheeto.

I rode him at Childress Rodgers Stables in Milford, OH until 2005 or 2006. The barn’s farrier bought him for his kids, and I visited Chester once at their property but then I lost track of Chester a couple of years later.

Since I’ve been researching, I’ve pieced together more of his history. The farrier donated him in 2011 to a local therapy riding center, Stillwater Stables in Wilmington, OH. After three years at Stillwater, they put him up for sale and a local family in Cincinnati purchased him for their children to ride. They then sold him around 2016 or 2017 to Kneipp Farm here in Cincinnati. Kneipp sold him in mid-2018, and I can’t figure out what happened to him from there. Any leads would be most appreciated. I just want to make sure he’s okay and would be happy to offer him a soft place to land if he needs it.