Circle Y Flex Trees?

The good, the Bad & the Ugly?

I have a Circle Y Julie Goodnight Blue Ridge Flex tree, that was fitted to my horse using a tool from The Horse Saddle Shop in Indiana.

I have not had any issue concerning the tree, and like the saddle itself. It seems comfortable for the horse. He has had no issues from it.


I have owned 4 western saddles in the past 10 years. The one that is the most comfortable to ride in and best fitting for the most horses is the Circle Y with the Flex2 tree. I have no complaints about or concerns with it.


I tried a wide tree in the Omaha saddle and it was still too narrow. I ended up with Crates. I like the Steele equifit trees much better.

Yes, the Circle Y saddles, in my opinion, run narrow. I should have mentioned that in my post. I ended up with an extra wide, which is only available in certain styles and which the tack shop guy said was “wow, really, really wide.” It isn’t quite as wide as my FQHB Wintec.

Side note: I’ve also got a Cashel trail saddle that also seems to run narrow. I have a “regular,” bought to fit a small, narrow Thoroughbred and it is too narrow for my not-really-very-wide AQHA. I’m not sure even a wide Cashel would be wide enough for a horse that wears a FQHB saddle.

Thanks everyone!