Cleaning a wooden shed

I am feeling the urge to wash the exterior of my wooden run-in shed, just to make sure that green tinge is old pollen, not anything actually growing on the shed. What does COTH recommend for a cleaning product?

My go to preference these days is Simple Green. It does a very good job on grease, mildew, grunge, etc and does not, in my experience, damage vegetation at reasonable levels. It does do an awesome job on mildew and mold though. I’m using it as my primary cleaner in an old house that is very prone to mold/mildew. The owner wanted me to use vinegar (made it worse), bleach (BAD idea), I overruled and have been using SG, and getting somewhere. And haven’t damaged anything either… I use it in their birdbaths too, hence knowing that it doesn’t nail healthy vegetation.

I like Simple Green, too. Sometimes I add a dash of Pinesol.

But if you’re worried about green mossy stuff, Wet and Forget is great. Spray it on, no scrubbing, and mossy stuff just dries up and goes away. It’s super.

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Why is bleach a bad idea? I always use Clorox Clean Up on moldy type stuff, what don’t I know? :grimacing:

Certain types of antique wood finishes should never get bleach! Also gilt edged plates, marble or other sedimentary stones that are unfinished. And a variety of antique textiles. Vinegar is an acid, bleach is a caustic (basic); you need to be careful with both of those when they are powerful or the material is unknown or certain antique finishes.
And don’t mix them!


Thank you! I was worried there was some other negative consequence. Luckily I don’t clean anything sensitive.

there are professional mold cleaners on the market, that you buy either already in a small sprayer size or buy a gallon and pour into a pump sprayer. I use a product called Onslaught and a 5gal pump sprayer. All you have to do is spray it on and leave it. Pretty easy.