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Clinic with Royal Andalusian School Veteran Rider, Francisco Garcia

I’m so excited! I had debated for months whether to go for a short course in Spain to study at the RASoEA, only to find that one of their riders, Francisco Garcia is here in the USA on a visa, and doing clinics. He’s been a lead rider with them for 30 years, and also is the trainer of Oleaje who won the Silver in Athens 2004.

My 4th level boy is very sensitive so I have to be super careful who I ride with, but Francisco came highly recommended for his kindness and patience (and of course his adherence to classical principles).

He will be in Zebulon, NC April 11-12th
here’s a link to the event

(I am not profiting from this clinic. Merely sharing the opportunity to ride with him with others)

I have ridden with Francisco. He is excellent!

Do you know if he’s traveling anywhere else in the States?

Francisco works out of Half Moon Dressage, Wagener SC…though I don’t know how long that will be as the farm is for sale.


thanks for the heads up - I’m just close enough to Zebulon to make this excellent opportunity worth the haul!