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Clinton Anderson newest series, poor editing of horse's ears.

Ok, I just have to talk about this with someone, so here it is. I skim through CA’s tv episodes on downunderhorsemanshiptv.com. (You can fast forward through the 45 min of commercials to watch the 15 min of show.) I don’t like a lot of what he does and his rollkur on the western horse sucks but I still like to see some of it. I thought seeing Australian Brumbies would be kinda cool so I skimmed the 3 newest episodes.

Anyway, his new series is a badly produced reality show. Supposedly he gets a call from some station (ranch) in Australia with a “rogue” brumby that they just can’t catch and is causing all sorts of mayhem . You get to listen to a bunch of poorly scripted and poorly performed dialogue and watch a lot of repetitive video of the same group of horses over and over again as they supposedly round them up. They use helicopters, motorcycles, 4 x 4’s and the token CA on a horse. It is pretty insulting that they think we are so stupid we can’t tell they are showing us the same horses over and over again. As they stampede them through the brush and into a pen. There are supposed to be 10’s of thousands of wild horses in this area and all they can find are about 20? And they just happen to catch the legendary rogue brumby in it? Yeah, right. It is just so fake, I can’t take it. There are more improbabilities piled into the shows but I won’t go into them any farther. You can check it our yourselves.

The final blow to my intelligence is when they have the supposedly rogue brumby stallion caught. He conveniently has a cropped ear so they can pick him out of the group. Unfortunately, they keep forgetting which ear is cropped and the image is VERY obviously edited. They sometimes have the right ear cropped and sometimes the left ear cropped and sometimes both. It is just pitiful.

I feel better now. Have a good day everyone!


I showed my then non-horsey hubby some Clinton Anderson tapes before we moved out to the farm and the horses came home in an attempt to familiarize him with basic horse body language and interaction. His comment? “My god, does the man ever shut up and DO anything with a horse?”

OMG. I have to watch this now.

You didn’t get to the part where the brumby tried and failed to jump out of the round pen?

He’s awful. CLINTON is awful. The horse was just being a horse trying, quite reasonably- to get the hell away from the asshat.

Which one’s awful? The Brumby or CA?

I do realize that they had to script the initial phone call because it had already happened when they decided to film this as a new series. The rest though, I expected better.

I think these would be moments of my life I’d never be able to get back. :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason, the camels really bothered me. And that this brumby was slightly off…

Duh, Clinton.

I really need to hate-watch this… :wink:

Yeah he’s a moron of huge proportion… I put him right up there with PP :smiley:

Yeah he’s a moron of huge proportion… I put him right up there with PP :D[/QUOTE]

The main thing that he has going for him is that he’s WAY hotter than PP. And he’s not nearly the mansplainer that PP is.

The main thing that he has going for him is that he’s WAY hotter than PP. And he’s not nearly the mansplainer that PP is.[/QUOTE]

Haha I guess he is kind of cute but he ruins it as soon as he opens his mouth! The last episode of his that I could bring myself to watch, he made this poor young gelding (who IMO was not being obnoxious but was just clueless) back up the entire episode.

Now Chris Cox is WAY hotter and a WAY better horseman :slight_smile:

See, to me he’s not attractive at ALL. Beaky nose, beady eyes, scrawny chest, no bulk to him anywhere. And he toes in. I don’t get it.

Did you see the part where they ran over the bull? And I’m sorry, but that horse is way too quiet to be a wild 10 year old stallion. I’m going to have to pay closer attention to his ears, I didn’t notice that they were edited! I wish there were some decent horse related programs on TV, the ones on RFD aren’t the best.

Watch the episode “Danger in the …” at 47:13 and 47:16. Also notice which nostril the blaze covers in that episode. Now watch the Tracks in the Sand episode at 53:19 and 53:36, compare his ears at those two points. AND look at what happens to his blaze and the ears at 53:44! It blaze magically moves to the opposite nostril and he loses his white ring around his left front just above the hoof. I wonder what happened to horse number 1 that started out in the round corral? There are just so many problems, I can’t name them all. It is insulting that they didn’t think viewers could pick out the difference in the horses.

I missed them running over the bull.

Sometimes they just reverse the picture for what ever reason. I’ve seen it many times on different shows/movies. I don’t think it is a different horse.