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Clinton/Hearbreaker - What do stallions from this cross produce, esp Cordess, Utrillo Z, Cornado I or II, or Clinton's Heart?

I have long followed Cornet Obolensky and love what he produces, big scopey jumpers with beautiful Arabian-looking heads. I’m curious what breeders are seeing from other Clinton/Heartbreaker stallions, ideally Cordess, Utrillo, Cornado I and II, and Clinton’s Heart – who just arrived in the US to stand at Avalon!

Also, if anyone has suggestions on Cornet sons that produce similarly, I’d love to hear! I’m already following Cornet’s Prinz who has the added dash of refinement from Almox Prints, and have researched most Cornet sons available in the US but always looking to learn more.

I think Clinton’s Heart has been in the US for a little while now. I haven’t seen any of his offspring so I can’t comment but maybe others have used him.

I like Cordess a lot and from what I’ve seen he brings a good temperament. He has quite a few approved sons and a few of his older foals are jumping at 1.50m now. He was also still jumping 1.40m last year at 16, which is nice to see.

Utrillo has been a very good sire. His son Basje was excellent. He is supposed to have had a much better temperament than Cornet Obolenksy, despite being a 3/4 sibling. I think he gives scope and good technique but his rider did say he didn’t have the best mouth, like many Clinton offspring.

Cornado I and II are both a better bet for a smaller mare than the other stallions mentioned here, in my opinion. Zangersheide says Cornado II does add size and Cornado I was a very big horse too. Both very scopey with good technique.

Cornet’s Prinz is a very pretty stallion and seems to be producing hunters as well, so maybe the rideability is good. I’m not a big fan of Polydor and so I didn’t look at him very carefully, but I was told he does cross well with Grannus and Argentinus mares (I’ve got a Graf Top mare I was looking at stallions for), despite not having much blood himself, so maybe he doesn’t need a mare with as much blood. New Normandy would be a good resource if you’re interested in him and in Utrillo.

In a general sense, I’d want a mare with enough size and a very good mouth and rideability for these stallions. Also a fertile one. I’m not sure about Cornado II. I think Cornado I’s fertility improved once he stopped competing but I was told it wasn’t so good at one point. I’ve heard Cordess is good, but I haven’t used him. I think Utrillo per dose through New Normandy is quite a generous number of straws, which is good.

A few other younger stallions to consider by Cornet Obolensky, if you haven’t already. I believe all are available frozen in the US:

  • Coros
  • Corsini
  • Corlou
  • Kensington

If you are looking for fresh options, Ryan Pedigo has Galant du Mesnil, but I don’t know much about him.


I have a friend with a stallion out of Cordess and he is a lovely type. Big boned and a sweet dishy face. I am interested in using him for my CaretinoxMagini mare