ClipMyHorseTv, Worth it, Yes, no?

I can’t find much information on it, is the subscription worth it? Likes/dislikes? I noticed something about FEI TV, is that included? It just seems a bit expensive, so I’m trying to get some insight from others before subscribing! COTHers are smart, so I thought to ask here.

Thank you!

I think it depends on what you want it for. If you’re showing places that use it - WEC, Lake Placid, Kentucky, etc - it’s great to not have to buy videos or get someone to video for you. If you’re horse shopping in Europe, ClipMyHorse plus GrandPrixTV will give you lots of videos of horses you are trying (assuming they’ve been shown).

Those are the reasons I subscribe. I think CMH offers a month free trial so you can see if you like it.

It’s a pain in the butt to cancel. It took me months to fight with them about unauthorized charges after I had cancelled. They are a European company and they have different rules that in the states. It isn’t cancel at any time and you are good, charges end at the end of your year or month as long as you cancel before the last day. You have to make sure to cancel with 30 days notice or you will get charged your full subscription (ie: you had the year, don’t want it for another year but cancel in your final month of your current subscription then you are charged another full year because you didn’t give their standard of notice - see #9 on their ToS

I had no qualms about the video quality and they offer a lot. However, the month to month subscription only allows you to watch live. If you want to watch any events on demand you must get the premium annual subscription which is pretty expensive if you are only wanting to watch a few competitions (for me, I really just wanted to see the Maclay but no way in heck was I going to go through all the hoops and 150 euro for that). Make sure what you want to watch is included in what you choose as your membership choice. Do a search on the forums… there are lots of CMH discussions.

Edit: Adding that to get full screen you need premium, for the android and apple app you need premium, and to use the web version on a phone you need premium.

I have it. I love it. But I was showing at shows, in classes that were taped. Or my horse was here without me :frowning: but I got to see him go.

I haven’t tried to cancel yet, so no comment on that.

I just cancelled my subscription and they said I am good until May 2022. My account said my membership was due in Feb of 2022. Huh?

It is the home of FEI so if you want to watch all of the FEI events you have to have a subscription.

I dropped it because their apps, web, iOS, AppleTV, are awful. I’m pretty technically savy so I can find my away around, but it takes me almost a minute or two to find the replay of a Nations Cup event on the website. And they are supposed to be the home of FEI. The AppleTV app is the worse, I sometimes can’t even find the event at all.

They seem to have a lot of content so that is a bonus. I just couldn’t put up with their UI.

Did you have any links to those discussions? I used COTH’s search function and looked up ClipMyHorse and nothing came up? Thank you!

Thank you everyone for the insight! I’ve heard a lot of about their canceling policy not being the best, so that makes me wary.

There are quite a few that come up on this search:

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Thank you! I don’t know how to use search functions apparently :rofl: :sweat_smile:

The “new” search function isn’t as user friendly as it used to be. I have to play around with different search words to find what I’m looking for, and half the time still can’t find it :wink:

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That makes me feel so much better, I’m still stupid though half the time. :upside_down_face:

This has been my single-largest use for it. Very, very useful!

Set up your subscription with PayPal - then you can cancel directly with PayPal and they can’t bill you anymore. I did that when I needed to pause for a few months, worked just fine.