Clipping the Bernedoodle

Hi! My daughter is using new Oster Turbo A5 and Oster Stainless Steel Guards - 3/4in with the 10 blade the clippers came with for her bernedoodle, but it has not been an easy thing to clip through the dense coat. What suggestions might you have for her?!


Further along in the process, yet not complete:

When we had a Newfie mix I used the big Clipmasters on him.

What an adorable fluffer!

I also used the big clipmasters on my big dog. A5s just didn’t cut it.

For really thick or matted coats, try a skip tooth blade… it doesn’t cut as much hair at once, so it glides through better and you just take a couple passes.

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I agree with a skip tooth blade. Plus it blends better, which is a very useful thing for those of us who are not professional groomers. A straight blade like a #10 is pretty severe for a whole body of thick coat.

I would consider a #5F for the body and possibly the #10 only around the face, chin, neck, under/behind ears, to help clean that up.

Generally…one would not clip a Berner. So there really aren’t great tips for this mixed coat.

I have a Shollie- German Shepard/ Lassie-type collie, with a dense undercoat. I start with a huge Oster Clipmaster, like what you would use for body clipping or livestock fitting. I then use an Oster A5, with a 10 blade for the areas that need a finer touch.

I have found it helps to brush the dog, and then bathe and dry the dog before you clip.

Yes that is really important - clipping a dirty dog is hard on your clippers. And getting out any loose undercoat will save your clippers too. Bathe, and if possible - dry with a force dryer to get the loose hairs out.