Closed cervix problem for mare uterine biopsy

Anyone experience not being able to get into uterus in mare with problems? Ultrasound found a mass and fluid in uterus of my mare, but vet was unable to penetrate cervix to biopsy or measure the mass. I’m taking my mare to UC Davis and hoping they can accomplish the task.
Also, behavior that sent us to vet is frequent urination and stopping to camp out as if to urinate (but doesn’t). Behavior getting more and more frequent.

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No experience, but jingles for your girl. :link: :link:


In equine reproduction, many older maiden mares often have a tight cervix, even when in estrus, which makes insemination and fluid clearance difficult. I believe that buscopan can be applied topically to the cervix to encourage relaxation.

If she’s not in heat, the cervix will be closed and you really don’t want to barge your way in unless she is in heat.
If she’s not in anestrus, 10 day Regumate protocol followed by a hot shot, should be open 3-5 days after that.
If still difficult, buscopan can be massaged onto the cervix to help it relax.