Has anyone heard from her? I haven’t since last summer. I’ve tried calling and emailing and…nothing.

I’m getting worried.

I wish I could help you, but I don’t know her.

I’m sorry I don’t know her. I hope she’s ok, I noticed it’s been since last summer she was on here.

I hope she is ok. Could the new software have been a deterrent? Though that wouldn’t explain the lack of response via email and phone…

Maybe try FB - that is if she uses it.

I lost touch with a Dutch friend & just yesterday, out of desperation, msg’d one of her FB friends & got a reply letting me know friend is fine. She is suffering short term memory issues, but looked after by family & living in the lovely private community I visited her at in the Netherlands.
We are trying to set up a phone call so I can let her know I still care about her.
Pipedream would be to visit her there again, once international possible :crossed_fingers::pray:

Anyone heard from her?

Any updates?