Clubs in NC

Friend relocated 4yrs ago & would like to hook up with a Driving Club.
Misses our low-key Laissez Faire group here that specialized in Pleasure drives on trails & Potlucks :sunglasses:
She does like to compete too, but mostly looking for like-minded friends.
She’s near Pinehurst if that helps.

Look up member clubs on the ADS website. I know there are driving clubs in the area, but no idea on geography, which would be nearest to her. I think the Carriage Association has driving clubs on their site too. Worth checking out.

Thanks, but I was hoping to hear from someone with personal experience.

My local Club is mostly non-competitive, and I’d share that info with someone looking for a like club.
Another Club I joined briefly was very competitive, members very friendly, but sadly too far (3h) for me to get very involved.

My ideal would be a club split 50/50 between showing & driving for fun.
But that’s me :grin:

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The Moore County Driving Club is very active and based in Southern Pines. Lots of fun events and large membership. Don’t miss their potlucks.

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I’ll pass along to friend :grin:

Carolina Carriage Club in the foothills area (Tryon) and Aiken Driving Club in Aiken, obvs. Both are fairly active, have fb pages and websites. They do some competitions, but most members are pleasure drivers (I think that’s true of most clubs)

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Totally agree with Moore County Driving Club. They host recognized driving trials at a local farm and at the Carolina Horse Park which is about 20 minutes from Pinehurst.

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