CO MS1 Pro - can I expect the liner to break in?

I ordered a new MS1 Pro during the helmet awareness sales. Same size as my old J3 that was professionally fitted, and upon test fitting when it arrived it seemed to fit - not too loose, not uncomfortably tight, right shape for my head.

However, after about 45 minutes of wear it gives me a slight headache right where the little velcro dots are above the ears on the MIPS shell. I can barely feel them pressing into my head if I shift the helmet.

So, anyone that has had one for a few months - can I expect the removable liner to ‘break in’ after a while like the old helmets?

Not in my experience. I’ve had mine about a year and did not notice a fit change. I’ve previously had AYR8s that broke in significantly and the MS1 doesn’t do that.

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I needed a slightly larger size in my CO MyPS than I have ever had in my CO helmets (and I’ve had many). I’ve always worn a 7, but I needed a 7 1/8 with the MyPS. You might be able to just get an additional liner instead of a new helmet, that’s what I did. I believe these ones are on a S/M/L shell and then the liner is what makes the precise size.

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Also interested in other people’s experience - I’m ordering a CO MS1from the UK as it’s cheaper to buy from there and ship (they’re insanely expensive here in Australia). I take a 7 1/8 (2.5) in the Pro, hoping it’s the same sizing. Otherwise I might just get another Pro II, but I do like the MIPS feature in the MS1.

I was able to adjust the liner so the velcro dots don’t sit in the same spot as the seam on the liner and it solved my headache problem. Otherwise, it fits the same as my J3 (same size). It is much lighter and I feel like the liner is quite a bit thinner. They come in both round fit and oval, so make sure you know which you need!

Ugh. Unfortunately, no, it won’t break in. I tried with mine. It felt fine when I first put it on (and for half an hour in the tack shop where I bought it!), but after riding for a bit - maybe half an hour - it would give me such a headache that I just took it off altogether. Not so safe. I was told to try the liner for the next size up because it was thinner, and that made it too big. Thanks for the reminder that I need to sell both!