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Coat Color Gone Awry?

I’ve been musing and puzzling for the last month and a half and am going to be testing her soon but I just cannot seem to figure out what color my mare is. She’s a BLM mustang yearling that is labeled as a sorrel but her points are all light in color and her mane is almost completely made up of black and white hairs making it look gray. Any ideas?!:confused:

This is the album that’s been made for her.

At first, I would have said Silver Dapple Buckskin but that dark spot on her face is weirdly placed and I think it could be a minimal chimera. Her mane/tail are also not completely gray, only a section of it.

She might be wild bay but I doubt it, her lower legs don’t have the lighter black/greyish color. If I had to venture a guess she is a flaxen chestnut with smutty, her mane has that dark coloring for sure. Her light patches are showing the pangare. Give her some time, once she grows a bit she might be a whole different color. That spot is a Bend’Or spot I think, or a scrape?

She is so cute! Lucky you! No ideas on color, sorry.

I would guess sorrel with sooty. I think her baby hair is hiding it on her legs.

But I’ve seen silver do that to bay manes.

the spot on her forehead looks like new fur… she looks quite rangy and in poor condition - could it be the dark spot is her new coat growth due to better nutrition?

only her hairdresser (and UC Davis) know for sure!

But I’ve seen silver do that to bay manes.[/QUOTE]

I was also thinking silver, perhaps.

I see sooty chestnut, but as she becomes more healthy and sheds out she may darken.

^^^^ this is exactly what I see too^^^^^

Sooty and will change a little bit with a shed or 2

She was matted and skinny skinny when I got her. In the short amount of time I’ve had her she’s been looking better and better. It’s going to be a long process. That spot is pure black hair, it started coming in when her winter fluff started to shed. She’s already shinier and happier than she was with the BLM facility.

I see sooty chestnut. The black spot could easily be a bend or spot (concentration of sooty) or, as someone else mentioned, a somatic mutation.

Will be interesting to see how she sheds out.

Bend Or spots, to my knowledge, are TB only and is not synonymous with a concentration of sooty. I could be wrong.