Coggins expiration date for competition

So, I entered the Hunt Club Farms HT on July 1; the secretary didn’t get back to me until the 13th - entry was accepted (waivers and entry forms complete), but she said I still needed to provide my Coggins. I could’ve sworn I attached it like I always do :woman_shrugging:

I compete on the 30th, and the Coggins date is August 4, but the blood was drawn on July 30, 2021. I specifically asked the secretary whether this was going to be an issue, and whether I needed to get another one done ASAP – she said she was “checking with USEF“ and would get back to me.

Our barn vet is coming out on the 21st and will do the Coggins then (I always have mine done at the beginning of August, it’s just worked out that way over the years), but I’m wondering whether I should try to get my vet out a couple days earlier to do it since there may or may not be a time constraint? Obviously I can always put a rush on it, but that’s extra $$.

Anyone here an organizer/secretary who is familiar with this type of thing? TIA! :blush:


I would just get a new one to avoid an issue. What is the normal turn around? We get ours back digitally by 24-48 hours.

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I’d send her your current coggins, and get the new one on the 21st. You’ll likely have the results before the 30th.

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Yes, planning on getting the new one when the vet comes out on the 21st.

I already sent her what I had - just waiting on the reply as to whether or not that’s “acceptable“, which will be up to the USEF from what I gather!

Not that it helps your situation, but we pull ours in Jan so they are good for the whole year. Our last competition is the beginning of December.

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That’s what I usually do, or in early spring!

It’s kind of a complicated story as to how I wound up getting Coggins done in early August, but it is what it is. Mr. Dr. D suggested I just get another one done at the beginning of the year so that’s probably what I will do going forward. :wink:

So the response from the secretary is that Virginia requires Coggins within 12 months of the competition – but she actually didn’t answer the question as to whether or not the one I have is acceptable. :thinking:

I’ll obviously just get it done this Wednesday and then send them the new one, but it would be nice to be squared away already.

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FWIW I think it goes by the blood draw date. When I look in Global Vet Link, the list on the first page has an ‘Expires’ column and that date matches the date the blood was drawn, not the date it was received by the lab or signed off by the technician.

This still does not answer whether it expires at the beginning or end of that day! Let us know if they ever answer. I’ve never been in that situation on the exact day.

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Yes, thanks! Exactly. Kind of a strange situation so another reason to post here is in case somebody else runs into the same situation. Hopefully I’ll have an answer from the secretary that provides clarification!

The only date that counts is the date the blood was drawn. The report date in meaningless.

It has NOTHING to do with USEF. The Coggins requirement is a state (ag department) requirement. Check with them.

says " Coggins test certificates are good for 12 months from the date the blood sample needed for the test was drawn from the horse."

But it doesn’t say if it is the beginning or end of the day.

The Virginia contact info is here


Yes, I understand that.

The question is whether the draw date - exactly 12 months prior to the competition date - is going to suffice, and that is what’s unclear.

Here was the response:

If Coggins rules follow every other instance of expirations I’ve ever encountered in life (fiscal year), an expiration date would be the day prior to the start date (date of blood drawn) one year later. Logically - blood drawn on 1 Jul; expiration 30 Jun.

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Okay, so if that’s the case – then I’m hoping the secretary will let me know!

Regardless, I will get the Coggins done and it will be back in time to send it in last minute.

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I remember volunteering at a little 2-phase in early May 2015, right after the “Snowmageddon” winter in Massachusetts. I was told it was OK for the Coggins to be “slightly” expired. It took so long for everyone to dig out and realize that there wouldn’t be any more snow that vets were running about a month behind on Coggins and shots.

That same year, it was a 6 week wait to get my trailer serviced – because no one was digging out their trailer to take it for servicing in late March as usual. And the trailer guy said when he called me, I had 48 hours to get the trailer to him, or he’d send me to the back of the waitlist.

Fun times!