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Colleges that lease horses for summer

What colleges lease their horses out during the summer? I know Cornell does but I was wondering what others do. Does Goucher?

yes I am looking to donate my horse and lease him during summer months or months the university is not using him. I just thought if I could find a university that already leases horses out it would make things easier.

I’m not sure about leasing, Goucher did not when I was there. I do believe that Goucher and a few other schools do exchange horses among themselves depending on the summer programs each school has available. The best thing to do would be to call the program and ask directly. https://athletics.goucher.edu/sports/equest/coaches/Bunty_Jen?view=bio

I’m not aware of any colleges that lease to someone they don’t already know and trust. But yes, start networking - if you have any local or regional to you, start there - attend their clinics or shows if you can, etc.

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What kind of leasing are you referring to? Many schools (such as Miami U, my alma mater) allow students on the team to lease or part-lease horses during the summer, but these are almost always on-site leases with mandatory lessons. Showing is sometimes an option with these types of leases as long as you pay for hauling, coaching and all other associated fees.

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So I’m looking into donating my guy and I’ve seen people leases horses during the summer from colleges. So if I were to donate him I’m curious if there’s potential for me to have him during summer months.

You should change your original post to this … because it is a different question. You aren’t just looking for colleges who lease over the summer, sounds like you are looking for colleges that would lease only to the original donor over breaks? I can’t think of any off the top of my head who lease out other than current students or a lesson kid program (back in the day MHC had one… not sure if they, or any other, schools do anymore).


I know of colleges that lease out horses to non-students over the summer, but the specific situation for the OP should be addressed with the individual college pretty early in the donation conversation. And I would definitely get it in writing as well.

Maybe it would make more sense for you to lease your horse to a college for the school year and bring him home over breaks? This was not an uncommon arrangement at Murray State when I was a student there, and I would guess other colleges would offer similar terms.

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UConn is currently looking for donations. Unfortunately they are unable to do leases, so not exactly what you’re looking for, but thought I’d let you know!

Morehead State University in Kentucky does this!

MHC still does leases and have leased out to outside riders, though are usually still connected to the program in some way. They are also currently looking for horses. To my knowledge, I doubt they would have a problem with that arrangement.

Mount Holyoke used to lease their horses to students for the summer. Certainly worth calling them up and asking.

My lesson barn used to lease a few Hollins College horses, and then would just directly lease one to me after becoming familiar over a few summers. Not sure how it all worked out technically though! I think Sweet Briar might also but that was a few years ago.

Centenary University in NJ is great and they do this.

Practically any school would jump at the deal to use a horse for the school year and not have to pay his bills over the summer.

I would also agree that it would be a tricky agreement but get it in writing and have the discussion up front - I agree that it would be much easier to “free lease” the horse to the college and get him home over the summers if you aren’t worried about funds.

My barn hosts an IHSA team and I’ve grown up riding at barns that have hosted IHSA teams. More often, the donated horses just become part of the program and it would be tough to lose one over the summer when they are a part of lessons and become a reliable mount to use in whatever level.

It depends a lot on the individual program. Some places that are run right out of a college facility, not at an independent barn, are often very glad to cut down on their numbers over the summer. They might have a lot less of the student staff on hand in the off-season, so they are happy to reduce their head count.

I agree with MHM. It would probably not be that hard to do this in a program that is college owned and run. A lot of the times, the horses sit there over the summer (unless they are sent to summer camps, but those are typically the beginner horses) and don’t do anything unless they are leased. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a compatible program.

Murray State did for select students. They never leased to outside students.