Color-Breeding Question (Hypothetical)

This is a hypothetical question but I really am interested in answers.
I’ve just seen two cremellos for sale online. One is a blue-eyed Connemara mare, the other is a double dilute, blue-eyed Welsh Section D stallion.

Since the photos appeared almost together on the sales site I was immediately curious about the foal/s that might result if they were mated.

Any input is appreciated! TIA.

If they are actually proven cremello, (two palomino parents or tested) the only colour foal they could have if bred together would be cremello since they are both guaranteed to pass along the cream gene and they are both red based.


Thank you.

Cremello is ee??, meaning homozygous recessive Extension, and unknown Agouti status (so AA, aa, or Aa)

“double dilute” is cremello, perlino, or smoky black. jvanrens answered the question of the outcome if it’s cremello

If it’s 1 of the other 2, then the Ee vs EE, and aa vs AA vs Aa status matter. But, options include all the double dilutes - cremello, perlino, smoky black. All you know is the foal is guaranteed to be a double dilute


Thank you.