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Color Scheme!

I will either be getting a cherry bay, a dapple grey, or both!(both are geldings). I want to avoid white because I don’t enjoy bleaching things to keep them white…hahah… but I do want to keep on the traditional side for colors. I’m torn between navy, hunter green, and black… I want to use the same color(s) when I switch to jumpers in the future, because I won’t use a pad in a color not theirs! (OCD) I want a color that would look good on both so I can splurge in Dovers tent sale this weekend(both horses are the same size… for everything minus the blankets… one size off each other, lol). So what would you recommend? I’m leaning less towards black because I wear a lot of black, and would hate to over do it. plus, the Texas heat would KILL them sometimes! Any opinions are appreciated, even bright colors if you want to add them with a traditional for anyone looking through this thread wanting either so they won’t have to sign up, post, etc. (:

I love black I dress all my horses in black haha. Looks good on any colour! Cherry bays are difficult ones - if you want to put both horses in the same colour then black would be your best bet.

that’s my problem! I love black! ???

We are in Texas as well so I can relate…have you thought about Plum? Looks great on both a bay and a dappled grey.

White pads with a navy, black, burgundy or hunter green trim and a monogram are your best bets. White is the color GM recommends and I agree. It always looks fresh. I think it washes better than colored pads which often look worn sooner. You don’t have to bleach! Just use Oxiclean! Love that stuff.

The trick is to get enough pads so that you have a few to wash and a few to wear. Your horses will appreciate clean pads and so will you.

Pick whatever color you like. If it appeals to you the most go with it.

I absolutely love deep hunter or forest green. I think that color would look fantastic on a bay or a grey and it doesn’t show the dirt!

Sorry to hijack this but I LOVE white pads. What do y’all do as far as washing. Do you OxyClean every time you launder them?

I also love hunter green, however consider that it isn’t always an easy color to find and there are different shades, which would drive me crazy. Black would certainly be the easiest. I have a chestnut and everything I have is either black or brown. I prefer brown on my chestnut, but that can also be hard to find in certain things!

i vote navy. it’s classic. navy and white is a timeless pairing that looks good on most horses.

Sorry to hijack this but I LOVE white pads. What do y’all do as far as washing. Do you OxyClean every time you launder them?[/QUOTE]

Bleach. I only use white pads - and it’s because I find them the easiest to clean. After 2-3 uses they go in a pile. When the pile is big enough they go in a hot water wash with bleach. Works like a charm.

Are we talking about saddle pads only? I can’t figure that out from the OP’s first post. Anyway, 90% of my pads were white, I agree, they are the easiest to clean and look good on any color. I always had a bunch of them, because I generally don’t use a pad more than once or twice before washing. I follow the same routine as cashmere, bleach or Oxi-clean.

If you are truly set against white, then black is probably going to look better with both horses’ colors.

Alternatively, get whatever color you want for schooling, and keep an extra pad or two (and whatever else you are considering purchasing) in white for showing. White really does look the best in the show ring.

Sorry to hijack this but I LOVE white pads. What do y’all do as far as washing. Do you OxyClean every time you launder them?[/QUOTE]

After DD got over her desire for kiddy colored pads, we’ve used mainly white pads, some I bought and some she won. If the pad has colored lettering on it then OxyClean for sure. There is a product called S-32. It comes in a 16 oz. bottle and it is spot remover. It’s magic and you can get it at the supermarket. Make sure you wash whites with whites; don’t mix them in with colors.

When DD went away to college my grand idea to help her keep her pads clean was to get a package of baby pads and monogram them white on white so she could bleach them. It didn’t work out so great but it would have if it were easier for her to get access to a laundromat:0.

The way to keep pads nice is to have lots of them, rotate them and wash frequently. If time and space allows let them air dry. That really keeps them looking great and they do dry fast.

We were taught to use a clean pad everytime, like changing your underwear every day!

I chose Hunter if anyone was wondering(:

PSA: Don’t bleach back on track pads. Not sure if OxiClean would damage the ceramic though!

I have several Navy and Hunter Green pads. Will Oxi-clean cause them to fade? I’ve only washed with regular laundry detergent and cold water.