Colored Text?

OK, another gripe and a question for help –

How do you do colored text? I tried to do it just now but it wouldn’t let me pick a color. And when I posted my comment it just said [color] but it was not in color.

Here you go:


How do I change the # to a color? There are no colors to click on.

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Lol let’s see if this is in colour

I had to turn my tablet to landscape, because there was no pallette to be seen in portrait


maybe now?

Oh yes

now I have it

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Are you going to share how you did it? Or are you just going to lol and be smug and secretive?

Smug, oh yes…

Just delete the # and type in the color you want.


FYI, if you cannot see the palette (for example on your phone), you can:

  1. Paste or type this into your post:

  1. Delete the pound sign/hashtag.

  2. Type the color or hex code you want the text to be.

  1. Replace the word “Text” with the words you want to appear in color.

  2. Post.


Thank you.

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