Colour genetics , brindle marks on roan?

I’ve never seen anything like this , and am wondering if it’s normal or some type of genetic pattern ?
Little bay roan mare of unknown breeding . She’s odd enough with her striped feet , 2 blue eyes and 4 white socks. But now she’s developing this , and no they aren’t ribs …. She’s fat lol.

Those look like ‘lines of Blaschko’. The lines are believed to trace the migration of embryonic cells.[4][5] The stripes are a type of genetic mosaicism.[6][7] They do not correspond to nervous, muscular, or lymphatic systems.

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On my monitor she looks quite golden, could she be buckskin roan?

we had a red roan POA who was marked just like that

She’s cute :heart_eyes:!

She’s certainly Roan, with those inverted Vs on her front legs. They definitely look like the “lines of Blaschko”, which are congenital, not heritable.

Thanks everyone ! Never heard of those lines but that’s definitely what it is .

And no, she’s not very golden at all. Must just be your monitor , she’s got a red hue to her .


I just had to go look this up. VERY interesting!

@Blueeyedroan she is very unique. I love her.

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