Comfortis no more?

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“ At Chewy, you and your furry family are our top priority, and we want to help keep your pets happy and healthy. An item you’ve purchased previously – Comfortis (Spinosad) – is currently out of stock. The manufacturer (Elanco Animal Health) has communicated that there is no expected date of return for this product in 2022, and that Comfortis customers should look for alternatives to flea prevention and protection moving forward.”

Anyone know why? Supply chain issues? Alternative products?

With the slow spread of Lyme Disease, I would switch to Nexgard.

Perhaps Trifexis. I can’t give that to my dog, but others do with great success.
I use Sentinel Spectrum

ETA: but I don’t know what state you are in regarding the Lyme statement.

We’re in CA and the cats are indoor only so Lyme isn’t a concern. But thanks anyway!

Supply chain issue. It is expected back in 2023. You could try Trifexis, same active ingredient as Comfortis (spinosad) with addition of milbemycine for heartworm prevention, plus intestinal parasites

Oops, just realized you are using on a cat. If you want an oral product, Elanco now has Credelio for cats. It is an isoxazaline though, if that matters to you. Once a month, oral tablet for fleas/ticks

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