Complete rookie here - how to evaluate mare bloodlines for a stallion

Hi! Fairly new to posting here, and definitely new to the sport horse breeding section. I am just starting out looking into mares and mare bloodlines that would be a good match for Amazing (KWPN Stallion). I don’t currently own a mare, so I am looking to evaluate different bloodlines that might be a good match for Amazing so I can use that to help narrow down my mare selection when the time comes. I am hoping to breed a very amateur friendly horse for the hunter ring. Temperament is the main goal! I am also looking for something that has good size. Open to other stallions as well, but not really sure where to start when looking for bloodlines that would be a good fit. Any advice?

Welcome to a lifetime of learning. You have found a stallion you like but don’t forget that the mare is half the genetic makeup and is actually more influential in the resulting foal if one then includes epigenetics. The secret behind most successful breeders is to find the best mare possible, in terms of temperament, conformation, performance, family and then find a stallions that complements the mare by improving on her weaker points such as neck set on a little too high or a hind leg that could be slightly better, or a temperament that is a little too hot.

Learning is about reading, looking, asking. There are plenty of resources online these days, such as COTH expertise as well as stallion shows on line, WB gradings to watch on line and breed shows and competitions to attend. Keep some lists: horses you like and their breeding; notable performances and why; ask why some horses are placed higher in a line than others. With time you will probably come to like a particular type or a particular family. The various stud books will often have informative training days - and it is possible to learn from everyone, even if it isn’t your preferred breed.

Beyond these first steps, remember all the old sayings, “fools breed horses for wise men to buy” and that “it is just as expensive to keep a bad horse as a good one”. Breeding is not for the faint hearted.


Amazing has been breeding a long time now, and his owner should have a really good idea what type of mare works best with him, as well as which particular bloodlines. So that’s one place I would include in the start of research.


Definitely speak with the stallion owner. I’d also recommend looking up his offspring (either via his website, there are likely links, or do a USEF search of horses by Amazing and then search for videos of them via Google and Youtube) and picking out which ones are most successful and which ones you like the best and finding out the mare’s breeding. If it isn’t part of their USEF record, which often it sadly isn’t, sometimes you can reach out to the owner or previous owners and get the info on her breeding and type.