Composite stirrups - top of foot pain

The tops of my feet were hurting after rides, which I thought was quite weird. A barn mate said she had the same issue until she started riding in composite stirrups. I borrowed her spare pair and to my surprise they really do seem to help.

Two questions for the COTH braintrust:

  1. Where can I find a pair that is larger than 4.75"? Hers are a little small for me and it seems like everything out there is this one size. I found this pair of 5" at Dover, but they are pretty expensive compared to all the rest out there ($30-50 range). Plus they are out of stock.

  2. Is there something else out there that might work? I ride in both regular irons and flex irons - both of these were causing the issue.

I recently purchased these irons for one of my saddles and Iā€™m in love with them. Wider base is very comfortable & the built in shock absorber works well. They are not available larger than 4 3/4ā€ but maybe worth a try for the price.

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I have the exact same ones as @SLW . Got mine on eBay and I have a big foot and have always used a wider stirrup but these have been fine. They are a 4 3/4 as well.