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Compounded sucralfate versus tablets

For those of you who have gotten the 1 g sucralfate tablets and ground them up to syringe, and have also gotten it compounded, is the compounded amounts less than that of the tablets? I do not mean dosage, I mean the amount of powder that is in one dose?

The reason I am asking is because I recently had to get misoprostol compounded from Rood and Riddle pharmacy. The quantity was much smaller per dose, and this is a good thing I think. I would like to potentially keep my horse on sucralfate longer (working with my vet of course), and I am thinking if the quantity is less then it can be tossed in his food and he will be less likely to hate it.

My boy is finishing up four weeks of “all the meds“ and so I’m going to taper everything slowly, and in three weeks DH and I are going out of town for 10 days, and I want to keep things simple while also giving him some gastric support while I’m gone. So I’m thinking if the compounded powder is a really small amount versus the ground up tablets, and I know Rood and Riddle can add alfalfa flavoring, that it could be tossed in his grain and he’ll eat it. He will not eat the tablets :frowning:

I get compounded sulcrafate powder through VetsFirstChoice (Covetrus). The strength options are 5g or 9g per 15cc scoop (which is a tablespoon). The flavor options are apple and peppermint. All of my horses have been perfectly willing to eat it sprinkled on or in anything - feed, soaked beet pulp, soaked alfalfa cubes.

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So if I had been using 18 1 G tablets, this could be two 15 cc scoops (if I get compounded into 9 G), correct?
Because two tablespoons is probably doable.


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The tablets dissolve so easily, my other question would be whether compounded is as easy to give via syringe if that is your method or if it will get too chalky.

I already do the syringing and I am fine with that. But I am not looking to syringe this if I get it compounded.

I am trying to decide if a “top dress” sprinkle will work while I am on vacation. Plus - I want to be able to transition this for a bit after we get home.
I already have BO signed up to give him 1/4 tube UlcerGard, plus his daily Equioxx, while we are gone. I know that she would be willing to do syringed meds daily, but I really don’t want to add that. :slight_smile:

Oh, then why not top dress with the crushed (or dissolved) pills? That’s what I do.

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I just started on the compounded Sucralfate from Rood and Riddle about a month ago (the 10 gm/scoop dose) and I think it’s about the same volume wise as the pills. The negative about the powder is that it’s very fine (compared to crushed tablets) and sometimes it all falls to the bottom of my horse’s feed tub and she doesn’t finish it. If the barn could wet the feed slightly that might help.

@IPEsq At least for me, the compounded version is about half the price of the pills.

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Because he also is getting misoprostol. I just don’t want to chance he’ll not eat it!

Is the compounded stuff flavored? My horse is so picky, but half price sounds very interesting!

Rood and Riddle’s is apple-flavored. They say they can also do alfalfa flavored. My horse is usually a pretty good eater, though, so I can’t really say if a picky horse would like it.

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If ease of administration is the primary motivation, Abler makes individual packets of sucralfate in their “pop rocks” form.

I’ve done the tablets, the compounded suspension, and the compounded powder (both from Rood and Riddle).

I think the liquid suspension was the easiest to dose for my horse. He got his scoop of Misoprostol powder in a Dimple pill pocket cookie. 30-60 minutes later, he got dosed via oral syringe. 11g of Sucralfate worked out to 22cc of the liquid. They flavored it - vanilla/butternut IIRC - and he loved it. It smelled like cake frosting. Our barn manager could dose him in the pasture with no halter. My only complaint is that there was a lot of solid settling in the bottom of the bottle of liquid suspension, so I worried that we were wasting meds.

I switched to the powder for this round. To get an 11g dose I had to order one jar of the 5g and one of the 6g, so he’s getting 30cc of powder per dose. It sticks to his Ultium no problem. If you’re feeding something that doesn’t have molasses or is a drier texture, a bit of water should work fine.

I would definitely opt for compounded overall dealing with the tablets any day. Either form that I’ve tried has 100% been easier to dose, horse has fewer complaints about it, and it’s less expensive.

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