Concerns for a "Roarer"

I am presently free leasing a mare that is an OTTB. She is fantastic and sweet. All around wonderful.
However, I was told the reason she retired from racing was due to MILD “Roaring” ( technically known as left laryngeal hemiplegia). She has not had the surgery or any kind of correction done to assist in this ailment. However, since her retirement, I’ve NEVER once heard her roar, wheeze or anything. I suppose this is why they classified her as a mild roarer.
She is an easy keeper, eats well, moves well, barefoot, rarely lame. She’s is 8 years old. She hasn’t raced in 5 years. She is a Hunter/Jumper. Mostly local shows. We haven’t gone past 3’2" yet in the show ring. She loves jumping. She is super forward, great mover. She seems to self-pace. She keeps a nice easy speed without much reminding/cues.

My question being, If I were to look into purchasing her, is the Roaring a deal breaker? Is it easy to manage if it crops back up?

Any experience with this ailment/advice/warnings are welcome!


I looked at a roarer last year. It is not something that overly concerns me.

that said, I was shopping for me. For a low level horse (ie I’m not producing FEI horses like the above), if resale is of interest you will find many people won’t even look at a roarer.

I’m super far from an expert. But I bought a horse who was a roarer. My vet wasn’t concerned. We mostly did Dressage and never had issues. I no longer own him but he is still fine at 18. It has never been an issue for him.

Have her scoped to see if she has an issue. If she does, to what degree? Surgery is an option if it becomes an issue later. Once you have information from the scope, I’d adjust the purchase price accordingly. I would not hesitate to purchase a roarer that checks all of the boxes if the price is right.

Scope for sure if you’re going to buy her. How did they know she roared? Did they originally scope her to diagnose?

I had a roarer that required the tie back surgery after a couple of years of riding, You could definitely hear it when he started as a 4yo and more so when he was 6 and then had to have the tie-back surgery.

I am not sure if she was scoped to be confirmed with the diagnosis. I will ask, and if not, maybe I can get them to scope her for the PPE.

After the tie-back surgery, how did your horse do? Was he able to maintain activity level down the road? Any complications to be concerned about?

No issues at all after the surgery, except to my pocket book lol. He was bought to be a hunter, but I ended up selling him as a dressage prospect when he was 7 (full disclosure) when it was clear he hated to jump. Well, clear to me anyway, everyone else had figured it out LONG before I did hahaha!

He is doing some hgher level of dressage in BC right now and still going strong, doing well and no issues that I’m aware of.

Mine had the tie back on the track- he was gifted to me because he was having fitness issues with XC. He’s fine for hunters and the little baby things I do. He needs his feed wetted and to eat from the ground- otherwise he’s been great.