Concussion recovery

I’m writing this a little more than 2 months after I got a concussion from being bucked off.
I’m one of the lucky individuals who ended up with what’s called post concussion syndrome - where my symptoms are lasting longer than the typical 2 week time frame.
Im out of work on medical leave due to not being able to concentrate without my symptoms of dizziness and disorientation coming rushing back! I also can’t drive as my reaction time is slowed and the stimulation of it is too much to handle.
I feel like I’m starting to go insane!! I’m stuck in the house and can’t do much of anything. I start feeling better and try to do something normal like read a few pages in a book or do a puzzle and then bam I’m back to square one and it takes 3 days to recover!

Looking for some support and insight insight from anyone whose been in these shoes. How long until you were able to work? How about ride?
Anything you did that you felt helped? I currently put on an eye mask and put in ear plugs when I feel “concussiony” and it helps some.
Never did I think I’d still be this messed up nearly 2.5 months later!

I had symptoms persist for a long time after my injury, you can PM me for more specific information.

I know this isn’t directly related but I just finished reading Racing to the Finish: My Story by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

He experienced a number of concussions during the latter stages of his NASCAR racing career.

This, IMO, isn’t as much a book about his racing career as it is how he kept silent for so many years with a series of concussions and then his recovery which wasn’t the conventional concussion recovery.

A very interesting read about concussions and some of the newer learnings on types of concussions and recovery.

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I am so sorry about what you both have/are going through. I did not know this was a thing as mine only really lasted about 12 hours.

Do you mind if I ask if you were both wearing helmets? This is for my own information. I don’t want to start a fight.

Yes I was wearing a helmet - my samshield. I also didn’t get knocked out but have had several prior to this accident and apparently they start to compound on top of each other.
I didn’t even realize I hit my head until about 20 min after when I couldn’t remember what happened and couldn’t form a sentence :frowning:

i luckily had it on video and as i fell the horses front knee went straight into the side of my head.

@hunterrider33, you really might want to read Dale Earnhardt Jr’s book.

He had a number of concussions as well. Worked with a Dr in PA (IIRC) who came up with an extensive recovery plan to address the different types of concussion symptoms he was experiencing.

As I said, yeah, it’s a book about a NASCAR driver but very little about the racing part other than as milestones in his injuries and recovery. For me, an interesting, and scary, read about concussions and recovering from them.

Additionally for me, scary at how significant his injuries were and yet he was, often, able to drive his car.

Changed some of my misconceptions about concussions and recovering from them.

@Where’sMyWhite i will definitely check it out!

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OP! As you start to be able to concentrate more, start reading up om concussions, and their cumulative effect.

I have known top 3-Day riders who no longer jump. Too many concussions.

The damage is cumulative. Major studies have been and still are being undertaken about football players, who seem to be actual suckers for punishment.

I don’t want to scare you but work your way through this page, and you may never go near a horse w/o a helmet to hand.

merrygoround, what you say is true but, as I said, reading Dale’s book made me rethink what I thought about multiple concussions and how to recover from them.

I might not be able to visit the Dr that he did (due to location or distance) but if I, today, were a victim of multiple concussions, I’d be pushing my own Dr’s to learn more about what Dale’s concussion Dr uses as treatment.

Ya mine was worse due to having previous Head injuries all of which occurred with a helmet - never get on without one - thank god otherwise I may not be typing on this forum!

Im in no rush to ride again to be honest which is a little sad/frustrating because it was such a huge part of my life.

Not sure if you are referring to me, but I had two concussions in one week, which really compounded things. One was off a horse and yes, I was wearing a helmet. The other I was walking into work and slipped on some ice, so no helmet.

I still have my helmet…don’t use it obviously but I figure it saved my life, so it’s a reminder, but you can barely tell where I hit, even though the fall was enough to knock me out.

Hey OP - I’m so sorry you are going through this. Lots of experience with this syndrome in my household - I was out for about 4 months, but my son had a horrible journey after repeated concussions. His story is awful BUT it has a happy ending - it took a long long time and he went through hell but he is out the other side. I don’t want to scare you because his story is quite extreme but do feel free to PM me if you want to talk. Jingling for you.

Another high-profile sports concussion recovery story:

Since this story was written, “Sid the Kid” has won another Olympic Gold and two more Stanley Cups. He’s also had two more concussions, from which he recovered relatively quickly.

The NHL is studying post-concussion / TBI syndrome as well.

I highly recommend this book It may describe a path that would work for you.

Sadly I have had multiple concussions, all horse related and the last one was a doozy. We were on a trail ride, young horse did not understand the question and being so brave he leapt into the abyss. It was a situation were it was light to dark, the trail was about 4’ lower than the road and not only did he try to jump it but he also jumped up as high as he could. I fell off at the apex of that so about 15’ high. I hit my head on a tree and blacked out. I got back on, not easy since my horse is 17’3 and drove home.
I could barely move for a couple of weeks my head and eyes hurt so much. I ended up having to go to ocular therapy for months. Three years later I still have some issues because of it. Take your time and let your brain rest. If you have a place near you that you can get some therapy for your concussion, do it. They had me doing all kinds of stuff from puzzles to a light board that was sort of like a huge Simon, all in semi darkness. It wasn’t fun but it did help. Good luck.

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Look into Intermittent Fasting. I have what’s labeled as a moderate TBI. This was from a car accident that really should have killed me. I was sent to rehab where they got me as good as they could get, then basically told me that if nothing improved by the 7 year mark, it never would. Nine years later I tried Intermittent Fasting to help with weight loss. Three weeks in I suddenly improved. I know exactly what day it happened. I never got to 100%, but I am so much closer to my normal than I have been since my injury. The mechanism is fairly simple- while you are fasting, your brain is cleaning house. When you eat, it repairs itself. That is a very simple way of putting it. I do the 8 hours eat time, and the rest is fasting. So far it’s been 3 years. I haven’t continued to improve, but I’m happy with what I have. They are doing some studies with Alzheimers patients and it seems promising. Three years ago I never would have been able to put this post together. Good luck on your recovery.