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Conformation Questions


This mare was recently purchased for myself as an eventing prospect. I’m wondering, out of curiosity alone, what those with experience in conformation think about her?
She has long feet, which should be easy to fix with a couple of farrier trips.

She’s an Australian Thoroughbred (5yo) out of Amen Halo by Eastern Star.



She has every right to be a nice sport horse. Good proportions, nice shoulder, a neck that ties in high enough to make a dressage frame easy. And a long distance between the top of the hip and the croup (long is good, gives the horse more power over jumps).

Her legs are not the best I have ever seen, but thay are far from the worst. With a good farrier, carefull conditioning and good monitoring (do not just brush the legs every day, run your hand down each leg – I am amazed at the number of people who do not physically touch their horse’s legs every day ).

Once you know what your horse’s legs feel like it is easy to catch any heat or unusual swellings as soon as they pop up, and to be proactive in dealing with any abnormalities.

Have fun with her. She should bring you years of happiness.

Thank you so very much! It’s very reassuring to have that kind of opinion, as I’m not particularly gifted in the conformation area as I haven’t enough experience to know what’s good and what’s exceptional. Bad, I can usually tell, thankfully!

I do already brush her legs every day and check for swelling, but I’ll be extra vigilant in this case. If you don’t mind explaining, what isn’t exactly positive about her legs? Are there any areas you noticed in particular to keep an eye on?

Again, thank you. I really appreciate the time you gave me to help out!

Very excited to start her eventing career!

Cute cute cute! I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of my barn :wink: Lord Helpus pretty much covered the conformational stuff, so I’m just concurring that she is nice. Good luck with her!