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Connemara/QH cross gelding - Aladdin

Probably hopeless, considering how long it’s been since anyone has seen this pony, but I’ll take another shot.

His name is Aladdin. I believe he was foaled in 2004 or 2005; when I met him in 2009, he was about 5 years old and very recently under saddle. He’s a 14.2 Connemara/Quarter Horse cross, light bay with three short socks. He has a huge snip and three dots in a crescent on his forehead. When I knew him, he didn’t have much of a forelock, but maybe it grew out. I can find a picture later.

I schooled Aladdin for much of his time at my instructor’s facility. Rode him in lessons and every other chance I got. She promised me that I could buy him for $3000 (more than a timid, green pony was worth, maybe, but I was willing to work my ass off to come up with it), and I was saving up when I went off to college. I returned after a disastrous two months, and he was gone. She refused to tell me anything about where he went. And she had the gall to say she didn’t know I even wanted him, and wouldn’t have sold him to me because he was never going to be a show pony.

Maybe none of that matters. The point is, I miss him. I don’t want to buy him right now, I couldn’t afford him and my mare comfortably. But I want to know that he’s in a good place. And if he isn’t, I need to fix it.

He was sold by a woman in Rehoboth, MA in October or November of 2011. Please, if anyone has any idea where he is, help me find him.