Considering Moving to Aiken, SC

Hi There,

I’m considering moving to Aiken. Does anyone have any specific info and/or experience on the following communities:

  • New Bridge
  • Bridle Creek
  • Chukker Creek
  • Overbrook Farms

Also, any recommendations on realtors? Places to stay when visiting?

Also, I’m a 41 yr old single woman. Is there any nightlife in Aiken (and I’m not talking anything crazy, just nice places to get a drink & socialize)?

Thanks in advance for any info.


Tracey Turner of Meybohm Realty is very in tune with the horse scene here and extremely nice. I saw that they just rennovated what was an already nice club house at New Bridge. That development is in a beautiful area and is pretty close in. A new development very close to New Bridge is Todd’s Hill. Not sure if any building has happened there yet. Lots of promotion currently. Overbrook is pretty far out. I haven’t been on the Chukker and Bridle Creek side of town much. You really want to speak to a realtor you feel comfortable with about the developments you mentioned and then some. So many beautiful properties here and you want to make sure to focus your search on developments that will suit your particular needs obviously. The right realtor will save you a lot of time. Lots of nice places to meet here, especially in the very charming downtown. The city is improving a historical part of it called The Alley, which is already lined with nice restaurants. Love all of the outdoor dining options. I think the Willcox is a popular place to stay. Close in for convenience and quite nice. If the Horseshow in the Woods is happening while you’re visiting, be sure not to miss it. This is a beautiful time of year here. Hope you find something that you love Laura!

Thank you so much Kachina! This is great info and I’d actually reached out to Tracey, specifically about Bridle Creek - so it’s great to hear her recommended!

I purchased a lot in Bridle Creek and used Tracey Turner, she is excellent.