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considering Ocala Fl- Pros/cons

I am a 61 year old rider with a gelding that hates winter & I am not too fond of it anymore either. Love the idea of being able to ride all year and Ocala/surrounding area prices look good. What do you do when it’s summer though? Would have to board, what are prices like, especially pasture board? many thanks & looking forward to hearing from everyone!

What do I do in the summer?

Hide inside in the air conditioning. :lol: In general, if you get up with the sun, you can get a good ride in before it gets too hot. I’m not a morning person, so I’m more likely to try and get a ride in around dusk, but really, early morning is much better for riding.

I live near Gainesville, so just a little bit north of Ocala. Boarding costs vary widely. Right now on craigslist, a private owner who apparently boards a few horses along with keeping their own is offering full pasture board for $225/month, partial for $150. That’s about the cheapest I’ve seen for any place the doesn’t look scary in the pictures. :slight_smile:

You can find full board from $400-ish up to “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” depending on the type of farm and amenities offered.

Welcome to COTH! In the summer we ride early or late. Or if you’re brave you soak yourself with the hose to stay cool. Many farms for boarding around Ocala and surrounding area. Not sure how many do pasture board.

Depending on where you’re coming from, board may seem expensive due to hay costs. It also depends on the quality of care and the amenities you’re looking for.

What’s your discipline?

Does anyone worry about the horse slaughtering that goes on in Florida? Not just talking about the recent high profile situation…even watching the ‘animal rescue’ shows on TV (where they follow along with the authorities etc) from FL there it seems to be not uncommon for it to happen…


western mostly, trail ride and low level showing. rode hs for many decades too so basically a recreational rider at this stage of the game :slight_smile: I live in the Boston/North Shore area of MA so board is pretty pricey here, yet another reason to move!

Ocala is the place to be for any horse sport! anywhere around middle Florida is nice. As others have said you really need to ride early or in late afternoon in the summer. Riding after say 11 am is doable but HOT! I moved here from up north and love it. Boarding again as others have said run from 250 and up. Hay prices will be a shocker but everything else is reasonable.