Considering Softstalls, do I really need to get them from Canada?

I’m heavily considering putting SoftStall Advantage stall systems into a new construction barn. Stall base is concrete and we did a 2.5 inch recess to allow for the bulky stall mattress system (which we originally were considering back when all these plans were finalized). Seems like every farm supply company sells a version of the mattress.

…Then I found the Softstall Advantage system, which is slightly different than a stall mattress. As far as I can understand, the Advantage system is a foam padding covered in polymer layers that are poured into place, creating a non-porous pad which seals to the concrete on its own. No need to screw in a top mat to the walls like a normal stall mattress system. The fact that I wouldn’t have to screw in the mat is what draws me toward the Advantage system.

Any experience/feedback with the Softstall Advantage system?

Also, are there any companies out there that make a similar pour in product besides Softstall? The Softstall I have been communicating with is in Canada, and I am in South West Florida. Can’t see paying shipping for the materials all the way from Canada if there is a closer supplier.

I don’t know if this is what you are checking out, but here is a warning on some of those products:!!!

Maybe there is newer information that contradicts that thread.

Thanks for sharing that! Good to know…I have had hesitations about the Advantage system…feared exactly what was stated in the link. Now it may be back to square one in choosing a stall mattress system…

I am not familiar with the new stall mattress system but we have had the “old” Softstall mattress system in my barn for over 16 years now. I have had to replace the top cover once as one of my boarders horses was constantly pawing at the front of the stall door but the rest of the stalls have remained very nice. I would not hesitate to recommend this system. We did the installation ourselves…it is hard work. Those mattresses and top cover are VERY heavy! I would recommend a contractor install.

Maybe google the EVA soft type floors that lock together and are sold as gym floors. Someone on the board used something similar and I would like to put those down. I think the thickest is 1.5 inches. Let me know what you find!

I don’t like the soft stalls. Harder ground (not concrete, but solid rubber mats over concrete, or just dirt floors) are better for horses to stand on, in my opinion.

We have been contacted by (8) different farms around the U.S.A. whose Softstall Advantage flooring disintegrated within 6 months of installation. Warranty was not honored. These folks sent photos to go along with their disaster stories.