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Consolidating Accounts + Digital Issue Issues

So this is a 50% forum question (which is what I guess this section is geared to) and 50% a regular COTH website question.

I have a paid print and digital subscription and somehow wound up with a login and forum account separate from the one I (somewhat) actively post under.

I suppose I should consolidate them if at all possible so if anyone wants to advise, I’d appreciate that.

TBH, it’s not something that was all that important to me or that I even thought much about until today when I tried to access the digital issue, the Kentucky preview issue.

My print edition has not arrived in time to preview Kentucky and, as a fair weather eventing fan, I always like having the issue while I watch the livestream.

I don’t access the digital issues that often but had never had a problem until today. I’m logged in to my paid subscriber account and it shows that I’m paid and current and will auto renew later in May .

But every time I hit the link to view the digital issue, it tells me I’m trying access content that is for Paid Subscribers Only…

But if I tap the link in the email COTH sends to let you know the digital issue is available for viewing, it opens that sucker right up – even when I’m logged into my other, non-subscription affiliated account :woman_shrugging: Not that I’m complaining.

Please send me a PM with the two usernames, the email addresses on the accounts, and which username and which email address you’d like to keep, and I’ll forward the info to the database manager to merge.


Thank you!