Contendro / Clinton Cross? Possibly a butt-kicker?

There is an in utero foal with Contendro I as the sire and the mother is a Clinton x Nimmerdor mare. Beautiful and tall (17hh), leggy and typically throws hunter babies but was bred to Contendro for added movement and “umph”. She just had an Lupicor filly who is GORGEOUS!
What do you guys think of this cross? Think it will turn out good?
What are Contendro babies like anyways? I head they can come out a bit short but spectacular.

I have a feeling that I know of the particular mare that you are talking about and yes, I think that it will be a fantastic cross.

Contendro I throws elasticity and refinement, but as you mentioned in your post can throw offspring on the smaller side so it is recommended that he be bred to a taller mare (if this is the dam that I am thinking of I recall her being quite tall).

The cross would be line-breeding on Cor de la Bryere, who is known to produce careful horses, sometimes too careful. Just something to keep in mind.

The cross is also be line-bred to Landgraf I, who has a tendency to produce straight hind legs, almost to a fault, however the line-breeding is so far back that this wouldn’t concern me unless the mare herself has straight hind legs.

I know the mare and the owner. I think the cross is an excellent idea, but no one can predict what it will produce…if any of us could this whole breeding thing would be a piece-of-cake!
I own a Contendro mare, and I did use him to refine the mare’s dam, which he did. She is an amazing mover and has a beautiful head and neck, all of which Contendro seems to throw. She is 5 years old now, and stands just under 16.2 Dam was a bigger, heavier, 16.3 +

About the Landgraf I line-breeding, how far back do you consider the possibility of producing straight hind legs to no longer be an issue?

I must say that I’m the proud owner of the In utero in question :slight_smile:

This is the mare’s pedigree

I expect this cross to be exceptional… which is, of course, why I did it :wink:

We had a mare who was quite straight legged behind that was line-bred to Landgraf I in the 4th and 5th generation through the damsire and sire sire. So I can’t really say how far back you have to go for the straight leggedness to “disappear”, but the linebreeding was very evident in this particular mare’s conformation.

You can’t say just because Landgraf was in the 4th and 5th that he was the reason the mare was straight behind.

The truth is that you didn’t breed a mare with straight hind legs directly to Landgraf. The straight hind legs are not recessive. Just like the “Lord head” was not recessive. You either got it upfront or you didn’t.

It is very desirable to sex balance linebreed to Landgraf. An example of that is that right now Casall bred to Landgraf mares is being wildly productive. Casalito being an example. Pedigree is Casall / Landgraf / Lord