Contifax and/or Spot Cash PJ??

Hey guys,

I’ll in the market for some fresh (only) semen for my mare next year… and of course the snooping has already started. I was wondering though if anyone has seen offspring from Spot Cash (spruce meadows) or Contifax (creekside)? Things like build, jump, character, etc… They are two stallions I’m potentially looking at but there isnt a ton of information to be had on them so I thought I’d reach out here and see if anyone has a line on them. Even just some info on the boys themselves is helpful!
I’m also up for other fresh semen suggestions… :yes:


I realize this is an old thread, but I see nobody answered your question. I’ve bred to Contifax twice, awaiting delivery of the second foal this year, the first was sold in-utero with the dam. Because Contifax was primarily used for sport in Germany, he only has a handful of offspring competing. One of them, the mare
Manou 30, has been successful up to the 1.60 and Nations Cup Level.