Cool max Triple Thick Saddle Pads?

Anyone use them? Likes/dislikes? Are they really non slip?

Never heard of them. Are you talking about these?

Of course, haven’t seen one in person, but not a fan. There’s no contour and they look bulky. Of course, I’m also a 5 Star pad snob.

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Me too

No, this. Alot of the guys that ranch recommend these

The description on that pad is very confusing. It says there are THREE layers of 1-inch thick fleece. Do they mean the pad is 3 inches thick? Or are they saying the three layers make up 1 inch thick?

Either way, I personally feel that if your saddle fits well, you do NOT need an inch of padding.

Also, what’s the underside of these pads like? Description says there are “barbs” to grip the hair so the saddle pad doesn’t move. That doesn’t sound very comfortable for the horse.

Yeah, still not a fan.

Fleece compresses unlike felt. So triple thick fleece will compress quite a bit. The 3rd layer is under the bars only. The “barbs” are minuscule. I’ve always used a 5/8 wool felt. I’m hoping this pad ends up a tad thicker. My 4/93 wade fits my other horse really well, but is a tad too wide in the handhold for my new horse.

I have not used this brand, but really like my triple thick fleece pad from “the old days.” It was/is very comfortable for the horse on all day rides, they were never sore. Fleece does seem to show sweating more than other type pads, with sweat drips etc. Backs will be wet when unsaddled, but I like that horse is warm, stays warm for any athletic movement i ask. Drips are because fleece does not absorb the moisture. But horses never got “hot spots” from pressure, easy to clean by washing (no fabric softener), though you might need a laundromat machine with the thickness and weight with fleece full of water. I love how all dirt washes out, NEVER any dirt marks on pressure points as felt pads can show.

You can keep the fleece like new by brushing out any clumping after drying with a pet slicker brush. Even if fleece gets clumpy looking it does not sore your horse or change how well the fleece works under the saddle.

Not sure about the barb things, my fuzzy pads are old, do not have that feature. My horses all had no issue feeling my moving to follow directions.

I guess not the same but I have a triple thick english pad from Toklat that I use on my mare. She loves it but I have to cinch her up way tighter than I like to keep the saddle from slipping to make up for the thickness of this pad!.

H ere is the link so you can see if they are similar

As someone that cowboys, the Woolback pads have been a go to for decades for us in the Great Basin. If you’re going to spend all day in the saddle these are great pads that won’t burn a horses back.

I also make pulled wool pads by hand which are another go to but they cost $300+ depending on colors used.

Of course a high quality wool felt pad is good too. Depends on what you’re doing and how much money you want to spend.

ETA: Remember fleece does require a break in period, it annoys me at first as it can cause a saddle to roll around especially on a low withered horse but once they are broke they’re good.
But I’ve never tried the “non slip” ones. We have the old original style.

Aces, are yours Toklat? I just sent back one of Toklat’s triple thick (under the bars) pad as it didn’t seem thick enough.

Yes, they are Toklat. We have one that’s from the 70s that’s pretty thin. Some we bought had felt inserts that could be taken out then throw the fleece in the wash. Those are thicker obviously. We typically use a doubled wool blanket over the Woolback pads. But it depends on the fit of the saddle. If I’m not trying to correct issues then I try to get away with a thin pad. If it’s a longer day or a lot roping then I’ll pad up a little without causing a tight fit.

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