Cooler Recommendations

Wondering what everyone’s favourite fleece coolers are? And approximately how long they take to dry a hot horse.

Near me, the two options without ordering online are the weather beeta full neck fleece sheets and the true north full neck fleece sheets. Has anyone used either of these sheets? Pros and cons?

The sheet will be used to dry my horse after working in an indoor area prior to trailering her.

I have the weatherbeeta full neck! It’s a great cooler. How hairy is your horse? For not much hair or clipped, it can dry a sweaty horse in under 10 minutes.

I also have a cooler from HKM that is full neck, and that cooler is a softer fleece and it dries the horses in under 5 minutes. It is a really great cooler.

I recommend both. I also have a Horseware Amigo fleece full neck cooler and it is also great. The belly straps are removable and I like that feature.