CoolMax or Cooling All Purpose Saddle Pads

I have been using a SmartTherapy Ceramic pad on my gelding during the winter months and while it has helped tremendously with how he warms up and rides, I know it is going to be way too hot during the summer. I am looking into buying him either the Lettia CoolMax All Purpose pad or this 224 Equestrian Dri-Cool Air Pad. I am wondering if anyone likes/has used either of these pads or has any recommendations for other types of cooling pads.


I use Back on Track in the winter and the Lettia Coolmax in the summer (usually with a thinline). Iā€™m happy with the Coolmax, it is fairly light but has held up well for the past few years. I think the Coolmax is good value for the price.
Both these pads have a nice contoured wither so lay nicely on my TB.

ETA the purple pad in my profile pic is a Coolmax

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thank you!