Coolstance horse feed?

Has anyone ever used coolstance? What did you think? I might be considering switching my horses onto it.

[Coolstance is a feed that mainly consists of coconut meal and coconut oil…I’ve heard people rave about it and a few people I know have switched over to it. That and dynamite minerals/supplements]

I know someone that fed it for a while. Her horses looked good but I really didn’t see anything special about them that would make me want to switch. She said it helped her hard keepers gain weight, but she had them on a bunch of other stuff as well so who really knows. I personally would choose a good senior feed over Coolstance, but each to their own.

I know she had constant trouble getting ahold of it and iirc it was pretty expensive.

I fed it for a while and LOVED it but switched off of it because it was so hard to find. I had to drive to a feed store over and hour away to get it :frowning:

You didn’t find there were any holes with nutrition? It seems like a big jump to go from grain with so much in it to almost exclusively coconut. My horse gets smartcombo pellets, tri-amino, and smartdigest ultra…but would he be getting all of the minerals and fats and protein he needs? It just seems like more of an additive than a complete grain…

What about looking at Renew Gold–it has Coolstance in it. You fee a lot less bulk, and I’m looking at it for my hard keeper old man who loses interest in his feed before he gets to the bottom of his pan.

Update: I started my horses on coolstance and I’m seeing a huge difference. I decided to keep feeding their grain, just in very reduced amounts until I can find a mineral supplement that I’m sure will cover their nutrition. I have actually seen a huge difference. They are much shinier and seem to be happier and more energetic. Although, they are shedding their winter coats and the weather is getting a lot nicer so I can’t completely credit the coolstance for the change.

That’s good to hear. I think it’s an intriguing product. From my research on it I found that coconut meal has a pretty incomplete amino acid profile and is generally considered a poor quality protein.

To me, it seemed like an expensive fat/calorie source. But if it works, it works! There’s been lots of talk lately about the benefits of coconut oil.

I have a ridiculously hard keeper that I may be tempted to try it on at some point if the prices become more reasonable.

I have a ridiculously hard keeper and I’ve had him on Coolstance since December. I mix it with grain (currently Nutrena Proforce Fiber - very high fat). It seemed to help keep weight on and it does make his coat nice. I ran out about 2-3 weeks ago and he looks skinnier these days (I’m upping his grain), so I’m hoping to get more ASAP. In the mean time, I’m supplementing with oil.

I have my guy hard-keep TB (running upper level eventing) on 2.5 quarts Ultium and 1.5 quarts Cool Stance (measured dry, then soaked thoroughly) twice a day, and he does GREAT on that. REALLY Shiny coat, keeps weight much better, etc. I think the Cool Stance alone wouldn’t be enough for him, but it does a great job on cutting down the amount of grain I have to feed. Supposedly the coconut is easier on their bellies too, and I believe it.

I switched from SafeChoice to Renew Gold and definitely noticed that my horse is shinier, maintains his weight well and has a much calmer, more focused attitude in his work. He used to be very spooky and unfocused and that’s really changed.

Yes, its great!! As a supplemental feed:)

I LOVE IT!! as a supplement. Variety is best with any feed program, tailored to the individual horse! we put a about 4 cups soaked coolstance in each bucket along with pellets and non sugar grain (have big warmbloods). I think its great for digestive health, and seems to be a great alternative to feeding psyllium because the stuff moves through the gut better - more consistency in droppings since before using.-horse will get less dehydrated too it seems. great for coats, and i like its not hot calories. really soothing. I was definetley skeptical, but it has earned my thumbs up!!:winkgrin:

I used coolstance for over a year now soaked with Timothy pellets and 1cup of Seminole calm &cool my horses do great on it last a while as it expands with water I like the extra moisture feeding soaked in lieu of dry it’s also great for laminitic issues and would be great for horses with teeth issues since u can make it soupy it u need to

I’ve been feeding CoolStance for years. Love it to create more of a ‘meal’ for my horses. I mix with alfalfa pellets, beet pulp shreds, Triple Crown Lite + vit. mineral sup. Once soaked with water the feed really expands/bulks up to something worth eating that’s low NSC, high fat. My horses love it – stay at a perfect weight (adjust feed seasonally) and they are super shiny. Plus it helped put weight on my OTTB adoptions who were too thin when they came in.

Though expensive, a bag goes a long way – economical.

Why don’t you compare the coolstance guaranteed analysis with the daily nutritional requirements of a horse? I did a quick google search and could not find out what the ga of coolstance is. Like Tex said, my original thought was that it’s a very expensive source of fat.

Wow! I responded almost 4 years ago! What an old thread!

Note, I didn’t buy more of it. I got a similar fat content with oil and later a change in feed and hay. Those later changes put the pounds on in a healthy way.