Cortical anterior lens opacities Pre Purchase

Hello I am considering a horse that has a very small and small whiteish grey opacities in anterior polar - anterior cortical zone of the lens of the right eye. Stating at this size will not alter vision but stating the evolution of the opacities can not be predicted.

This horse has had two clinical PPE and it was only discovered on one of them. Any experience with this or advice? I am going to call my vet tomorrow but curious if this group had any feedback. The horses price was reduced based on this finding but it’s still expensive based on the training and level the horse is at.

Thank you in advance!

8+ years ago I bought a horse that had a small opacity. He was 13 at the time, I had part leased for a while prior to purchase, he was reasonably priced and I was smitten. Vet said basically “who knows if it will ever cause a problem”. He has been perfectly fine.
From what I read online they are not uncommon - That said you might want to consider a consult with an equine ophthalmologist and get a sense of their experiences/suggestions etc. I’m sure you could get a telephonic consult fairly quickly.
In the whole scheme of PPEs - it is always something…so I would also consider what other findings, if any, were of concern. Also the age of the horse.
Good luck.

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Is the horse gray?

Not the OP but curious as to the gray thing? Mine is gray.

I also looked at a grey that had this. I passed, but for other reasons. My vet didn’t seem concerned, but the horse was already 11.

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No not grey bay.

Thank you for sharing your experience. The horse is 7. Thanks again.

General comment about eyes: IME, vision can be “not impacted” at a level associated with soundness/fitness for use, but can still contribute to spookiness. Whether this is an issue depends mostly on rider comfort.