Cost for Coaching at a show?

Adult Ammie here,
Younger me evented without a true trainer at the shows with me. I had some friends help, and I would help my friends. Now that I am getting back into showing recognized shows, I have been taking lessons every now and again with a trainer that travels to shows, and is willing to coach me. But me and my friends have been traveling together and don’t necessarily feel we need to spend the extra money for a coach, the shows and travel is already expensive enough.

Before I make any moves on having a coach, what’s the going rate for coaching at a show? Does it depend on if they are showing themselves, if they have other students, or for eventing is it normally a flat price for the weekend or by phase? Just curiosity on how everyone else does it.

Depends entirely on the coach. Some charge a normal lesson fee, some a “show” fee.

Make sure whatever you pay you get the attention you are paying for. I see a lot of people being coached and the coach is too busy with so many students to actually help much.


Agree that it depends on the coach. I have had coaches previously that charged a flat fee for all 3 phases (and the price was higher if it was a two day show vs a one day). My current coach charges per phase (with SJ and XC course walks being a separate, additional charge).

That being said, I have certainly been in the camp before of “paying for coaching but not actually getting any (or very little) due to coach themselves competing, having 10 other riders to coach, etc.” I felt similar to you in that I was already paying a lot of money to be there and felt like I was just tossing away more money by paying for coaching that I wasn’t getting. Therefore, I usually pick one phase to have coach help me in and trust that all of my lessons & preparation will pay off in the other phases! That being said, I am also comfortable warming myself up and doing all 3 phases on my own if coach isn’t there or is busy.

As far as going rate, some folks publish their coaching rates on their website, FB pages, etc. I would look at the websites of some known coaches in your area or at shows you frequent to get an idea of what coaching might run.

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Grumpy person here!

If you have been doing OK with your supportive friends, what do you expect to get out of having a coach with you?

If you are having lessons, that is when you need to work on your improvement. If you aren’t ready for the competition, don’t waste your money but get more coaching at home.

If you do decide to pay for a coach, probably the most valuable use of their time is walking the xc course with you and discussing tactics, lines, speed, how to balance the horse…

Told you I’m grumpy today!


I think I’m in full agreement. I don’t think I will get a coach at shows, and me and my friends will keep doing it like I doing it. I also think they are charging a lot more for coaching than I think it should be. So that’s kinda why I was asking what the typical cost was. Wasn’t sure if they were high, or if I was just out of touch, and it was typical.

In the past, I haven’t had a true coach at shows, and I have a couple of people I can look to for help, and they are willing to help with a quick question or talk me off a cliff even if they aren’t a paid coach.

I think I’ll keep spending money on lessons at home, and letting the shows be shows to show off what we have practiced at home.


I’m used to showing alone but I do find it helpful to have my coach there, especially with a new horse. My last few coaches have all charged the same as a lesson per day to coach at a show and I feel I get enough value from their presence to justify the cost. None of my coaches have been riding at these shows and they never have so many students that they aren’t able to give each of us proper attention.


In the past I paid $100 for the day at the show and was lucky to even receive coaching or a true course walk.

My now coach, its the same cost as my lesson and she is unbelievably amazing. Has even risked her own ride times to show up to warm me up. Not expected but shows how amazing she is as a coach! She’s even stayed to cheer me on, on course when her day was done. Maybe that’s normal and my bar is low, but when my last coach was done for the day, she would just leave even if I was left to still go.

I normally don’t have dressage warm up with my coach though as I do ride with another coach on the flat. When it’s been days that she hasn’t been able to put her full attention in due to just scheduling conflict she doesn’t charge her full rate.

In Area 2…

I charge $80 for a private lesson. My show coaching is $100. This helps offset transportation and extended time on my end. I walk both courses and warm-up for all 3 phases (this has become more important with how inept people/other coaches are at sharing jumps). Sometimes I have my own horses, other times just other students. Some of my students need my help, others do not and are comfortable going to a show on their own. A couple of students just want me to walk courses with them… others just want dressage warmup.

Just depends on what the rider think will benefit them the most!


For real! I don’t generally utilize a coach at shows and at Morven a couple months ago someone else’s trainer twice tried to raise a jump when I was approaching (about 5 strides out) and had already called out my line! I called “Heads up!” again at him and probably he was offended because I’m just some peon amateur, but WTF? :roll_eyes:

If the trainer I take jumping lessons with is in the warm-up with another student when I’m there she always offers to change jumps for me, which I appreciate!

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Hunters? If so, I can guess who it was.

My current coach charges $100/weekend + whatever my portion is for her RV hookup (usually $20–40). This includes warmups for all phases + course walks. The events take place over 2 days. (Area 3)

My old coach charged $65/phase + her hotel/food/gas. A lesson the day before the show is required (another $65). Her bill for the last show was $365. The events take place over 3 days. (Area 6)

No, this was a horse trial. I guess there must be more than one trainer like that lol.

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Some local pals that are adult re riders were recently horrified that the instructor wanted $100 per day for coaching at shows. They were also horrified when I opined the cost was more than reasonable.