Cost of a lease for hunt season?

Seeking advice…

My husband is looking to lease a horse for the coming season (Aug-Nov) and I have no idea what such a thing might cost. I know there are a lot of factors to consider, so let’s assume the most basic level?

  • Full lease (off farm)
  • Horse with hunt experience (needs to be a solid husband horse), to be ridden in 3rd field under close supervision
  • No jumping in the field (though perhaps in lessons?)
  • we are located in Central NY (so perhaps somewhat less expensive than, say, VA?)
I'm just looking for a ballpark number so we can think about a budget for this project of his. I am asking around in my own hunt circles but no one seems to have anything suitable for him, so I think that we're going to have to lease from strangers...I'd just like to know what kind of numbers are normal.

I lease hunters.
NEVER off farm. Always with experience.
You’ll be lucky to find something that fits that bill, especially that someone would allow off farm.
I know of hunt leases, never off farm, that include ‘all your riding’ and ‘all your hunting’ that are $1,000-$2,000 per month.
My own is a half-lease that includes all riding and all hunting but with me able to use ‘your’ horse as I see fit (when you’re not) and I very rarely will request ‘your’ horse for a special need/requirement.

Thank you @Hunter’s Rest !

May be useful;


I would put the word out with your hunt club. You may find a member that has an extra horse and they wouldn’t mind a care lease or maybe a bit more. There are a couple of people in my hunt that have done similar, but they already had established relationships and or reputations within the hunt.

I started there. There are lots of horses that I could hunt in that group, but none that are suitable for a beginner. :slight_smile:

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I recently reached out to someone about leases with Windy Hollow/GBH and got a quote - I am happy to PM you her info and the details she gave me.

That would be wonderful! Thank you!

Sending you a PM now!