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Cost of Importing From Europe into Toronto, Canada

Hi all, my apologies if this thread exists elsewhere as I did do a search. There seems to be plenty of threads regarding import from Europe into major cities in the USA, however, I have yet to see one regarding import from Europe to Toronto Pearson.

I do have a few colleagues that imported from Europe back in 2012 and flight/quarantine costs were said to be around $5,000 for a gelding (which in my mind seems low comparative to USA) and a bit more for a mare. I just want to confirm if these rates were accurate or close to what it would cost in the present day. Has any of my fellow Canadian COTHers recently imported from Euro? If so, what were your expenses like? I am curious as this may be an option for the future. Thanks in advance!

I wanted to add that I do know the potential risks and consequences of importing queue Warmblood Import Nightmare thread, this is for speculation and future planning purposes. Thanks again!