Cost of trailering from Northeast to Ocala

Hi all,

I have some students interested in heading down to Ocala next winter to show. I’m trying to crunch numbers to give their parent’s pricing estimates and am looking for recent prices people have paid either in gas to trailer themselves down, or paid to a commercial shipper. We would be coming from VT, FYI. Thanks in advance!

That is a long time to be shipping a horse in a small trailer. Ethically, I would strongly advise them to commercially ship to make it easier on the horses.
I’m sure people will have some more recent quotes, but it cost me about $2500 to ship 1 horse around 1000 miles in May. So I’m estimate closer to $3000 for your distance. Maybe you’d get a discount for filling a truck with a shipper? Probably best to call Brook Ledge and Creech and some of the larger shippers to see what they’d quote currently. Gas has leveled out a bit, but there’s no saying what the prices will look like a year from now, so it’s hard to gauge and you might stress that the number could fluctuate by a few hundred depending on gas market.
From that distance, you’re going to probably need to have a layover, so I’d layer in a day or 2 at a layover facility, as well. I can’t remember cost, but $75-100/day is probably a safe bet

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I recently shipped commercial from CT to Wellington for around $1500 one way. It’s not the exact route your going, but should be comparable. The northeast to Florida is a popular route and the prices aren’t as extreme as similar distance to an unpopular destination.

I paid 1800-1900 to ship in a box stall from PA to FL last year, and 550 to ship from Ocala to Wellington in a regular stall (this shorter trip was a real stressor for my horse, not sure if it was the number of transfers or what, but he did not show up looking great - and the company was not very communicative, which stressed me).

To go that distance, I would definitely go with a commercial shipper, just make sure you ask some questions about how to contact someone on the road, and if they’ll let you know if there’s an issue.