Cost of Vit E Blood Test - Canadians?

I was recently listening to a podcast from The Horse (actually a Q&A webinar rerun) about Vitamin E.

The guest expert was a big proponent of testing blood levels to determine supplementation needs (and response to said supplementation). She mentioned the test being I think in the $40-50 range, so it’s certainly not a silly idea towards optimizing your supplement purchases.

That being said, I know for some things prices take a wild jump when you cross that northern border (fecals, I’m looking at you). So just curious if any of my Canadian friends have had blood E levels tested, do you mind sharing the cost? Obviously it will vary somewhat vet to vet, but looking for the ballpark.

Somewhat off topic, but evidently learning to do your own fecal counts is pretty easy, and you don’t need a super fancy microscope. I think there have been some threads on the subject in this forum if you want to just do your own.

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So I’ve heard. Not something I’ve bothered to look into more for my rather occasional fecal needs, but if I ever get the “have my own farm, collect horses” thing going on (fingers crossed, lol), I might give it a whirl. They aren’t ridiculous crazy $ up here, but > a tube of dewormer, which I think doesn’t encourage people to use them as much as they should.

I had one done last year, Ontario. It was $100. Also had selenium checked at the same time, and that test was $80.

Thanks! So not terrible if I were concerned about a particular issue, but probably not something I would do 2X a year just to see.