Cost to inspect an OTTB Mare for Warmblood breeding

A friend of mine, is considering breeding an OTTB mare to an approved, activated Warmblood stallion. She thinks the mare approval would either be with Oldenburg NA or Hanoverian. She is wondering the total cost of the entire process; including things like a possible overnight stay at inspection site, paperwork, braiding, handling of the mare? The mare is well trained and sound to ride so a performance test is possible? Does the mare need to be approved first and then do a performance test? A rider for this could add costs obviously. She has her own truck/trailer so can haul her there herself.

Can anyone give a current inclusive cost range for this? My guess just for the basic breed inspection was some where between $500-$1000. Not sure how much more for a performance test? I could be way off though. Appreciate recent information on the costs.

Thank you.

Depends; but doing some research for herself would not hurt.

Thank you.

Yes; she has already checked the websites for basic inspection fees and information.

I thought I would come here and get a comprehensive budget amount for her. From people that have been through the mare approval process, recently. Including costs not listed on the websites such as braiding, handling and stabling costs.

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A lot depends on location. I attended a local approval, handled and braided myself and didn’t require a stall. Traveling required driving 20 miles each way. Different sites may have different services available that she needs. Nobody can really give you a figure.

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Site and handler fees are all over the page. Depends on where, and whether this is a large site with professionals who will run the mare, after having a day to work with her, a professional braider, or the local barn rat kid who can stand a horse up and run. Same with overnight fees. Inspection fees depend on the registry and most will require owner membership as well. Different registries may have different rules for performance testing.
Has the mare been bred? What registry is the stallion? Doesn’t do any good to present a mare and then breed to a stallion of a different registry that will require a second inspection.

Costs of course vary around the country and between facilities, but generally I’d anticipate $50-$100 for stabling, $75-$125 for handling, $50-$75 for braiding if needed. Registry inspection expenses are separate but membership is around $80-$100 and inspection fees $150-$175. Your mare doesn’t need to do the MPT – it can provide valuable info for the breeder and in some cases allow for entry into a higher book or an additional predicate. For an MPT, mares need to be used to freejumping and in regular training undersaddle and able to show all three gaits including a lengthing, good connection with the bridle, etc. You or your regular trainer would present the mare for the MPT.


Thank you very much for your reply! Appreciated.

For the AHS the mare will have to do the MPT to be included in the Main Stud book. Providing she meets the requirements in her regular inspection ( I think 7 overall and no score under a 5?6?. However she can be entered into the lower stud books with no MPT. And if she scores under a 7 I am not sure the advantage of paying for an MPT.