COTH Facebook now blocked in Australia

Bloody Zuckerberg. Chronicle of the Horse Facebook page has been tagged as a “news” site and thus I (and all other Australians) can no longer see any posts. None at all.

Is there any hope? COTH Editors? Anyone…?

Could you find a COTH magazine with several Australian rider’s stories to show the powers that be what is all about, so they make an exception?

Stories and news about horses and horse competitions should not be censored as political news, the intent of that news blocking.

Tagging @Moderator_1, not because I think they can fix this problem, but they might know who to point the problem out to with the best chance of getting it resolved.

Here is more on that story, seems it is a situation that is not definite, still in progress:

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It’s not just political news, it’s about the news media code our govt is proposing. Any and everything tagged as news, publications, journalism, etc… has been blocked.

Oh! Cool! I missed that update - night shift.

Crazy wold we live in, is it, when COTH facebook is censured. :crazy_face:

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never been there on Facebook but if the Facebook account is any resemblance to the goings on in Current Events here there might be good reason… since there appears to be a global movement to sensor anything that does not walk a specific party line

Free speech that will something you can tell your grand kids about how once in a land far, far away there was once this novel idea that allowed condensation


It was about internet companies paying for the newspaper journalism they put online, nothing to do with censorship. I believe it has now been resolved as I heard something on the radio this morning.


Will repeat for those in the back, it is NOT about censorship, it’s about news organizations losing money left and right and wanting to get a little of that back when their articles are shared on social media sites.


ie; COPYRIGHT infringement.


I would assume that if places like COTH did not want their articles shared on Facebook they would turn off that option. Sharing brings traffic to them.