COTH Roll Call for The National Drive!

Who is going?

I have recruited 2 new members of my Club who have never been & expect to have them thrilled with the opportunities to drive the lovely Hoosier Horse Park grounds.
And to drool over the vendors.

They are planning to do the Tack Swap - this year wares are to be displayed at seller’s own tables outside their stalls, because: COVID.

They drive VSEs, as I do, so I plan to introduce them to the Wet Britches Club in the water obstacles :smiley:

Club member won the Tacky Tack class last year - hoping to keep the trophy in the Club :winkgrin:

Also on the agenda, the Club outing to Zaharako’s ice cream parlor in Columbus.

Hoping for cool & dry weather, but Fun will happen in any case :encouragement:

Nobody? :frowning:

Lucky you! Thinking next spring I may take mine. This year has just been crazy. I haven’t driven them enough to ask them enough to drive as much as I would want to there. I have heard nothing but good about the event at Hoosier.

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It really is worth putting on a Bucket List.

You can drive as much, or as little as you desire. Plenty of short & scenic drives from the barns, including one of the 2 water obstacles we are given to play in :smiley:

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We sent in our reservations. Plan to drive down on Thursday. Bringing the same pair of horses, they have not gone anyplace since last year to gain more polish. Camping out in the horse trailer again. I WILL pack the electric heater this time, it got pretty brisk at night last year! Ha ha Some of our friends are going down earlier in the week, but we can only manage to get away for a shorter time. Husband has been working them to have enough fitness for several drives a day.

Thanks for the reminder about selling things. I have a bunch of things to clean up to take. And a table or two!

Been really busy here with these nice days. Mowed ditches today, any rainwater now has a clear exit path! Fence cleaning is ongoing, but I have less to do. Got in the last load of winter hay, though pastures are going good right now. Warmer days ahead and wet soil should have the grass growing well. Hoping to get hayfields sprayed with herbicide tomorrow. Clover has grown incredibly since mowing last week. Need to kill off the volunteer clover so grass can fill in. Fence rows sprayed Wed.

No rest for the wicked! Ha ha

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@goodhors Hope we can GTG :encouragement:
It will be fun to see how Alyss & Hawk have grown :smiley:
I am actually going for a longer stay this year - arriving Tuesday & leaving Saturday after the Mimosa Drive

Maybe you & DH can join the Club roadtrip for ice cream?
Friday night is my guess.
I will warn you, it is a large & boisterous group :rolleyes:

My mini-hayfield is looking promising for a 3rd cutting this year.
But I personally have done little besides tend to horses, chickens & tank fish.
And get buried alive by tomatoes - 6 plants for just me. What was I thinking?

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The National Drive is a bucket list item for me, but one I likely can’t accomplish unless a rich relative dies and leaves me a truck and trailer. However, the Northeast Regional Drive is also a wonderful time. It was unfortunately canceled this year because of COVID, but we hope to have it in 2021.

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Starting to pack here. Found trailer problems when we got it out last week. Husband has been working to fix them for several days. He has an appointment fo get one ramp fixed on Monday. The repair shop fixes a lot of school busses, so we MIGHT have a yellow FRP board ramp instead of white! Guess folks will notice us to avoid the trailer! Ha ha

Local friends are leaving Tuesday, will be there all week. We leave Thursday AM. Packing warm clothes, night temps are supposed to be cooler. So far, weather looks pretty nice. And “being down south” in Indiana, I expect warmer days! Ha ha Horses are getting fuzzy, though not winter ready yet.

Have to wash and pack harness and carriage last, so he can still drive before we leave. Taking one extra harness in case something should break. I also have stuff to sell, so that needs cleaning and packing too. Too much stuff we never use, so let other folks enjoy it. Hoping to gain space in the tack room!! Going to be a busy few days, getting things around.