Count me in - countertop soft serve ice cream?

Displayed at this year’s virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which is a huge event, normally held in Las Vegas.

Anyway, uses a shelf-stable, recyclable ice cream pod of varying flavors, freezes the ice cream in 90 seconds before dispensing it into a cup or cone.

Not planned for direct to consumers until early next year as it’s in the prototype stage but, other than the expected initial $1000 price, I’m all in!!!



Oh, that sounds like a wonderful device.

Well, except for the part where it would make my desire to lose weight crash and burn.

You can buy a lot of good ice cream and a scoop for $1000. It would be nice to make a Blizzard in your own home …

I am guessing most people will wait until the price comes down, a lot.

Kind of like when Keurig’s first came out…they were crazy expensive.

You could buy a freezer and dedicate it wholly to ice cream. But still a thing that sits on your countertop and dispenses soft serve at the push of a button is the stuff that dreams are made of.