County Symmetry experiences, opinions?

I’ve been conducting a seemingly endless search for a jump saddle to fit my TB mare, who has very high/long withers and an enormous shoulder. I was told to look for a Black Country or County model with skidrow panels and a medium tree. I’ve been cautioned not to go too narrow because we don’t want to impede her shoulder at all.

I looked around. Found a couple of Counties with the SR panels, but all had narrow trees, and were a bit out of my comfortable price range (comfortable price point is about $1500, these were $2k+. Completely justified prices, but still not feasible at the moment).

Went on a Facebook tack group and found a County Symmetry (discontinued model, I believe it’s the forerunner to the Conquest?). Medium tree, skidrow panels, appears to be in very good condition… and it’s $900.

I’m taking it on trial next week, and having a saddle fitter out to make sure it’s a good match for my mare - and if it’s not, we’ll see if he can adjust it to work. Worst-case scenario, it won’t work and I lose $100 for shipping both ways. Does anyone have experience with this model, and did you like it?

No experience with the Symmetry, but lots of experience trying to find a decent used County for a good price. I have NEVER seen one even close to that price point! I’m glad you’re getting it looked at by a saddle fitter because I’d be expecting something has to be wrong with it at that price.

Good luck! If it fits your mare and is in good shape, you’ve majorly lucked out!

One thing to consider, the County trees can run wide, relatively speaking, and that also can vary even within their own line. For example, my project horse takes a wide in just about every saddle he’s worn but he fits perfectly into a medium County Stabilizer (he hates the saddle for other reasons, but that is beside the point). The Innovations run even wider. Not sure about the Symmetry, but just a tidbit of info for you, in case you were not already aware of this quirk. :wink: I love County saddles, I wish my project horse loved it as much as I do!

One thing to consider, the County trees can run wide, relatively speaking… The Innovations run even wider. [/QUOTE]

Yep! My Innovation is marked a Narrow…it fit the TB mare who wore a medium-wide in other brands perfectly, and is only a smidge tight on the QH gelding who takes a wide. The Innovations are particularly well-known for this quirk, but I find it to be true of most saddles.

Be careful about going too wide, because the issue is that the saddle can then sink down and restrict. However, too-wide is easier to fix with half pads and flocking than too narrow, so I would certainly be jumping on a trial of that $900 Symmetry!

The Symmetry is my favorite County saddle. It’s probably most similar to the Conquest in terms of the current County lineup and the tree is most similar to that of the Stabilizer, I think. In other words, it runs “normal County wide” rather than “Innovation tree County wide” (which runs wide even for County… a M Stabilizer tree roughly = MN Innovation tree).

The flap definitely is more along the lines of being forward rather than straight (though I have seen ONE Symmetry that had a more Stablizer/Pro-Fit-like flap) and I think tends a bit more towards “high forward”.

$900 is a fantastic price! Definitely worth a trial - heck, maybe keep it anyway and flip it if it doesn’t work for you!

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It’s coming in tomorrow! Having received the serial number, I am now aware that it is a '95 model… but a 20-year-old County is still better than anything else I’m going to find for $850. The only way it’s going back is if it’s seriously defective/broken. Even if the fitter can’t make it work for my mare, I can flip it.

I got it! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it except for the expected wear on the flaps and a desperate need for reflocking. The leather is so nice, oh my god. I was aware the moment I took it out of the box that this is the nicest saddle I’ve ever touched. It does not fit the girl perfectly, but it’s close enough that I’m sure the desperately-needed reflocking will be able to get it there. So excited to ride in it! :smiley:

I had a Symmetry for several years, it didn’t quite fit my horse but stupid me made do because I loved that saddle! Evented through Prelim in it. Enjoy!

I had one for a few years! Awesome saddle. Great balance! Only regretfully parted with it when I got a horse the shape just would not work with.